Sunday, September 25, 2016

Child Prodigies

In my last post, I wrote I was in Seattle for 2 weeks. During my stay there I visited a street festival. I saw a band playing there for the visitors. The band had 2 singers, 3 guitar players, one base guitar player, one drummer, and one keyboard player. They were all youngsters.
Of the 3 guitar players, 2 of them were kids of Indian origin. Their ages are 12 and 9 both born in the USA. These 2 brothers call themselves The Skinnivasans (their last name is Srinivasan so it is a play on their last name). It is not an understatement if I say they are child prodigies. In fact, on that day they stole the show. Here are 2 samples of their performance.

My Sharona
Sweet Child O' Mine

In the near future, I expect these "Skinnivasan" brothers will become famous within the USA and at the international level. Then I will have to pay them to watch them play guitar.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trees and Rain

A post by our blogger friend Rajesh (Destination Infinity) titled “Do We Care For Trees?” prompted me to write this post.
I was in Seattle recently for 2 weeks. Lot of people complain it always rains in and around Seattle. Same time, people in India (especially South) complain there is not enough rain.
I found out one of the reason for more rain in and around Seattle is the vast amount of trees that create a noticeable amount of transpiration.  But it is not the only reason.  It is also due to Pacific West Coast (maritime) Climate.  More trees also help tremendously.

Please see below the photos of a few streets in the suburb of Seattle. You cannot even see the houses/shops behind these trees. So many trees in all the streets.


In India, we not only not plant new trees, we also cut the existing trees. Those miss the cutting are not cared for properly.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Plantain Bajji

Few minutes ago, I was reading the Yahoo News.  One of the news was Republican Candidate for U.S. President, Donald Trump today visited Mexico at the invitation of the Mexican President.  They had a private meeting.
We all know Trump wants to deport millions of illegal immigrants back to  Mexico.  He also wants to build a loonnngggg wall on the border to prevent illegals crossing into USA and have Mexico pay for building it.
Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, did not like this meeting.
Here are their (Donald Trump and Vicente Fox) pictures as appeared in the Yahoo News.
For no reason, I thought Trump looked like a day old vazhaikkai bajji (plantain bajji) and Fox looked like freshly made vazhaikkai bajji.
The time is 7 45 pm.  May be I am hungry.  Will eat dinner now.