Monday, July 2, 2012

Visit to Amritsar

One of my life long ambition was to visit Amritsar. I wanted to see the 3 main attractions there. Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh Memorial, and Wagah Border military ceremony. This past January we visited Amritsar and had a memorable time. We enjoyed every minute.

Jallianwala Bagh Memorial
On a Punjabi New Year day, April 13, 1919, British General Dyer ordered the shooting on innocent Indians assembled for a meeting. About 400 people died and 1200 wounded.


Actual Memorial

Bullet Marks

Many died jumping in this well during escape

The Wagah Border Ceremony
This border separates India and Pakistan.  This side is Amritsar. That side is Lahore.  Every evening both the armies do military exercise.  At the end, both the countries flags are lowered simultaneously. The ceremony ends with both sides shaking hands with each other.

The Gate and the Pakistani Side

Sitting area for Indian citizens

Indian Army

Ceremony over for the day

Golden Temple
This is the holiest shrine in Sikhism. Words cannot describe its beauty. You have to go there to see it to experience.

The Temple

Main Entrance

Architectural Beauty

Streets of Amritsar


  1. Great account of your trip and I can sense how much you enjoyed the trip through the photos :)

  2. Golden temple is on my must-see places too. I hope I get a chance. Did u get to taste Dhaba Khana in Punjab? :-) the buttery gravies and rich parathas are making me drool ..this is just when I think about it!!

  3. I do not know whether i will visits this place.

    The photographs are very beautiful.Indians can create beauty and maintain it too, if they want.:-)

  4. beautiful shots and all 3 are must see places

  5. Thanks for your comments Aparna. Yes, enjoyed the trip very much.

  6. Thanks Shruthi. Dhaba Khana in Punjab? Awesome. A pic we took of our lunch is in your email now.

  7. Thanks for your comments Vetrimagal. I am sure you will visit Amritsar one of these days.

  8. Thanks for your comments sm. You are right. These 3 are a must to visit.

  9. Beautiful pictures..One thing always puzzles me..why people like to watch these daily ceremonies like at wagah border or Buckingham place in UK?

  10. Thanks for your comment Renu. You have asked a good question. I have an answer. My opinion. I may be wrong. People want to visit places that have historical importance. British Empire once upon a time ruled the world. Supposed to. I say this because they could not occupy Afghanistan and Nepal. So visitors have a look at the Buckingham Palace and the ceremony. I have been to London 7 times so far. I saw the ceremony during my first trip. Afterwards, I did not care to see that.

    During the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, Wagah border played a major role. 10 lakh Punjabis died in 1947 near Wagah border and there is a monument for these unsung heroes. I want to visit Wagah border and visit this monument for many many times. Every Indian should do that so that we don’t forget what happened in 1947.

  11. Ah, Amritsar! It truly brings about a partiotic feeling doesnt it? Did you happen to check out "Haveli", the really picturesque chain of hotels? Nice pics!

  12. Thanks for your comments Veena. And, welcome to my blog.

    Yes, indeed Amritsar brings about our patriotic feelings. Will check out the "Haveli" next time.

    Veena, please visit here as often as you can.

  13. I had been to Amritsar when i was 3 or 4 years old. Thus I don't remember anything about the place. I should be visiting it soon.

    Very nice pictures.

  14. Thanks for your comments and complements Neha. Please visit Amritsar. You will enjoy very much.

  15. I came to this blog entry from Sandhya's post on Wagah border.
    Even I have been wanting to visit Amritsar for a long time now. Nice post and pics SG.

  16. I don't know how I missed this post, SG! Very nice one. I will write about Jallianwala bagh and Golden temple later. Thank you!