Sunday, May 5, 2013

Page from the Past

I was browsing the web.  I saw this news caption:

Manmohan extends Japan trip, sends a strong message to China.

They reported that he extended his stay in Japan by one day to send a strong message to  the Chinese that he did not like the Chinese incursion deep inside in the Indian territory.  19 km to be exact.  I don’t know how that would send a strong message to China.

Here is an anecdote from my past.  Page from my past.

In my office, a long time ago, I had a colleague.  Her name is Paige P.  She came from a very wealthy family.  She joined our office and got placed in my group.  She was a nice person.  But, as her Manager, I had to be extra careful with her.  Her dad was a CEO of a top name brand company and he wanted to make sure his daughter had a different industry experience.

One day, during lunch, we were discussing about punishments we received from our parents while we were teenagers.

Paige said when she was 18 years old, she did something wrong.  Her father punished her severely.  He took the keys to her BMW for a week and the poor girl had to drive her other car, Mercedes Benz, for a week.

I told her “Paige you had suffered enough”.

So Manmohan sent a strong message to China by extending his stay in Japan by one day!  I will tell China “You have suffered enough”.


  1. Chinese are good at negotiation, aren't they? But one thing I notice - Outwardly, they seem to be assertive (as inferred by their actions) but their acts maybe motivated more by fear, than by strength. Of course, I am no foreign policy expert.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks for your comments Rajesh. The attempted idea in this post is to make fun of Mr. Singh’s action to warn China. Not a serious discussion on foreign policy. I am no expert either.

    Yes, are absolutely correct. They are good negotiators. But, I do not think they have fear. I think they are very patient. They waited for ever for the British to hand over Hong Kong to them. They are still making efforts to make Taiwan as part of China. I do not say I agree with this. If they really wanted to they could have taken over both these places within 24 hours.

  3. Suffering of paige reminded me an old story where one rich little girl was asked to write an essay on being poor and she wrote..I am a poor girl, my driver is poor, my gardener is poor....:)

  4. Thanks for your comments Renu. Poor Paige.

  5. Oh! What a suffering Paige had!She could not bat an eyelid.Exactly the same way Manmohan could not have batted an eyelid in India so he slept in Japanto warn China.

  6. Thanks for your comments. Paige was fresh out of college and at that time did not know about the real world.

  7. He took the keys to her BMW for a week and the poor girl had to drive her other car...

    It is visible from this conversation that she had been living inside her cocoon for many years!

    I seem to read many many Manmohan Jokes nowadays. Even if he reads this now, he won't bat an eyelid!

  8. Well China obviously learnt her lesson and hopefully Paige learnt hers!!! Poor PM he really has too many jokes being cracked at his expense.

  9. Thanks for your comments Sandhya. You are right.

  10. Thanks for your comments Meera. She was fresh out of college and first time away from home. Very naive at that time.

  11. Hi SG,
    I like Paige's experience. Poor girl!!.Lol..