Monday, August 11, 2014

Air Rats

Read a news item that there were rats in an Air India flight.  Are they rats (long tailed rodents) or rats (slang for a snitch – a person who informs on someone else.)?
Assuming they are rodents, it is a dangerous situation since rats can chew the electrical wires inside the plane.  I was thinking about this and then all of a sudden a few more thoughts came to my mind.  Here they are:
Are these rats Air India employees who travel free?
Are these rats Government of India employees who travel free?
Are these rats Members of Parliament who travel free?
How did these rats were able to come through the security?
Were they travelling to or from Karni Mandir?
Deep fried dishes should be banned inside the plane.
Be happy because venomous snakes are found in Qantas.
Hope these rats are smaller than those found in New York Subway.
No more Paneer Tikka Masala in the plane menu.
Transfer 50% of tech support personnel to pest control.
Samuel L. Jackson should do a sequel to his movie “Snakes on a Plane”.
May be Air India should start a subsidiary and name it Air Rats.
Do you have any thoughts?


  1. They should charge a full ticket to each rat. They will automatically stop boarding the plane :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks for your comments Rajesh. That's an excellent idea. Why didn't I think of that!

  3. hahaha

    They travel free of cost LOL

  4. oh yes i have thoughts .. they should be taken up in the air and then the doors opened , so they are all SUCKED out and dropped without parachutes ...

    that will at least help in cleaning a lot of evil from out great nation


  5. Lolz... Air Rat...
    This is really scary... Imagine a rat on your lap... And rat's hair on food... You cant even escape!

    Or may be, they are just trying to reemphasise that these days flights are same as trains - Both has rats!

  6. Rats may be the government also!
    But the news (which are usually a scandal) should be speaking about the small rodents.
    Last week I watched a program called SBT Reporter (is Brazilian). In this program the reporter shows the ugly true of a lot of things.
    Last week he showed some dirty restaurants in São Paulo and in one the employee burned the rats! Two problems: the first because restaurants shouldn't have rats. The second because you don't kill any animal taking fire himself! It's monstrous! Can you believe?

  7. Thanks for your comments Nikita. Of course, they do.

  8. Thanks for your comments Bikram. You have an excellent idea.

  9. Thanks for your comments Satya. Your pointing out the fact that flights are the same as trains - both has rats -- Reminds me of "cattle class".

  10. Thanks for your comments Camila. Burning rats in a restaurant is disgusting. Please don't go to that restaurant. Who knows they may be serving these rats as a grilled/tandoori delicacy.

  11. Political rats have not spared any organisation...they have sucked each available opportunity.

  12. Thanks for your comments Mr. Chowla. I agree with you. We should get rid of these rats.

  13. Some people eat anything, right? Yesterday I saw frog leg to buy in the supermarket. But worse the Mexicans who put a largarta with the drinks, have you had it?

  14. Lagarta is Portuguese, sorry! I mean caterpillar (:

  15. Hahaha.. those were some funny ideas SG :) And how do these rats get past security checks? :D

  16. Thanks for your comments Camila. My policy is to try anything at least once. But putting caterpillar with my drinks? I will take a pass.

  17. Thanks for your comments Ash. How do these rats get past security checks? Their unkil (uncle) is a big mucky muck in the police department.

  18. Ha haa haaa :D Your article and the comments are not less than any laughing therapy... :D

    Enjoyed the way you have presented the serious issues along with...

    TC! Keep smiling :)

  19. Honestly? Yuck.
    I once found 2 cockroaches running across our table in a 5-star restaurant. The Taj, in fact.
    Were they grey or white? Bcos white mice are even categorized as pets! So they could have come from pet cargo load.

    P.S What did u mean by Qantas snakes?

  20. Ha ! I loved your take on this news bit.According to yesterday's news some rats chewed body parts of a corpse in a mortuary.Perhaps the rats were fleeing from there?Or is it the caretakers of the mortuary who feared punishment?
    Kuch bhi ho sakta hai!!!

  21. Thanks for your comments Sindhu. I am glad you enjoyed this post.

  22. Thanks for your comments Sweety. Pet Cargo Load! That's a good one.

    Qantas is an Australian Airlines. The second oldest airline company in the world. Last year, a snake was found inside their 747 which was flying from Sydney to Tokyo.

  23. Thanks for your comments Indu. And, welcome to my blog. Yes, as you said, anything can happen.

    Indu, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  24. Ah...that's bad.This is how great companies maintain their stand charging lots of money from travelers...sounds scary...

  25. Thanks for your comments Uma. And, welcome to my blog. I agree with you. It is a big rip off.

    Uma, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  26. An apt accolade to Air India by you, SG. Nice topic and novel ideas in questions.

    I feel they are terrorists or american spies.Cats(Black Cats) may be appointed in flights.

  27. Now, whenever I'll be eating something in a flight, the Air-Rats will haunt me! :D