Monday, March 22, 2010

Want to Save Money?

Because of bad economic time, people are trying to spend less and save money. We all try very hard at this. But some people have no clue how to save money.

As usual, since my job is to advice others, here are some suggestions:

When you go out with friends, forget your wallet every time so your friends have to pay for everything.

All your family members should stuff their pockets with free ketchup, salt, and other condiment packets every time they are in a fast food restaurant.

Want an umbrella? Go to the lost and found department of a store or library. Tell them you lost a large black umbrella. There have several of them. Pick one and take it home.

Want to make a long distance call? Call them when they are not home. Leave a message. They have to call back. (This is something similar to “missed call”).

Train your dog to beg for food from others. You don’t have to buy the dog food.

Turn off the TV and all the lights to save electricity.

Learn speed-reading and read books for free while in the aisle at the book store.

Push your car to work. You will save on gas (petrol). Plus, you will get a good exercise.

Marry and stay married to a frugal spouse. (Personal note: Unfortunately, neither I nor my wife is frugal.)

Marry a man who can fix things. It can save thousands each year.

Look for and pick up every coin you see on the street. You will become rich very quickly.

Instead of buying toilet paper, use yesterday’s newspaper.

Don’t buy anything. It is the best money saving tip.

And, finally, read my blog instead of buying newspapers and magazines.

If you know of some funny money saving ideas, please let us know. And, we will learn from that.


  1. wow ! what an idea sirji:)...getting a frugal spouse is next to impossible:)

    giving a missed call is quite common though:)

  2. *Instead of spending money on psychiatrists for 'advice', hop over to 'Shoot the Breeze'!!!:-)

  3. Dear SG,
    I am wiser now,
    I am gonna try some of your tricks on you during my next visit to USA.

    Ha ha ha

    Kiran P

  4. To save money and health, buy a jar of Ghee , keep it on the dinning table, enjoy the flavour instead of mixing it in rice,
    this way your ghee jar will last you much longer plus you will save on health, your diet will be cholestrol free.

  5. those were some tips to save money..

    another tip - befriend lawyers and doctors..make them your best will for sure save a fortune..

  6. hillarious ROFL... :D what an idea sirji :D to save money...
    helpful in the time of recession :D

  7. Land up at meal times when you visit people! Saves on food, cooking fuel, dishwashing liquid, electricity!

  8. Thanks for your comments Samvedna. Yes, I agree. Getting a frugal spouse is impossible.

    Two people have used the word "sirji". So, I think this must be some famous comedic phrase in India. I would appreciate if someone can explain.

  9. Thanks for your comments lostworld. Remember, more readers I get more commision in your pocket.

  10. Thanks for your comments Kiran. Please come and visit us. It would be our pleasure.

    When I visit India, should I bring a bottle of ghee?

  11. Thanks for your comments Titaxy. I am glad you liked this post.

  12. Thanks for your comments Neha. That's a good idea. I already have a best friend (a lawyer) in Mumbai.

  13. Thanks for your comments Rajlakshmi. I am glad you liked this post.

    What is the joke about "sirji". Please tell me. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for your comments Radha. When we visit India, I will give you forewarning. We might ring your door bell at any time.

  15. Terrific tips, especially about the frugal spouse because that's like next to impossible:)

    A couple of things that I try to practise so as not to waste money:

    1. If there is stuff that lies unused in the wardrobe, give it away to the needy. They will gladly use it. You can also save yourself from the expense of buying a new wardrobe!

    2. Make limited calls on your cell phone. Time your conversations so that you learn to value your time and money and that helps everyone.

    3. Never waste water.

    4. As soon as you take a long break
    from your desktop, turn your computer off and save energy.

    5. Go for long walks when you plan to buy your grocery or do things in the neighborhood. Save yourself from splurging on the gym.

    Hope these come in handy because they sure help me.

  16. Thanks for your comments Sanand. All 5 of your ideas are excellent. Everyone should consider them.

  17. lovely post and thanks for dropping by on my blog too. lemme add to your list:

    1 - make more friends in / near your locality and visit them on weekends - saves on dining out

    2 - while eating out, order half the quantity of main course you want. finish eating most of it and then drop a hair strand on it. the restaurant guys will repeat your order for free

    3 - before your birthday, call up friends whose birthday falls just a few weeks before yours. ask them if they received an expensive gift you sent (which you never did). they would return the favor ;)

    btw, sirji is a term meaning "mr. boss" used in a popular idea mobile connection ads these days in India. otherwise too, some people tend to say sirji instead of just sir, with respect

  18. Thanks for your comments Anuradha. Your ideas are excellent. I would say even better than mine.

    Thanks for clearing my doubt about sirji.