Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple Story (continues)

In a special press conference a short while ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the following:

“We are not perfect. Phones are not perfect. If you don’t like IPhone 4, don’t buy it. If you bought IPhone 4 and don’t like it, bring it back. You will get a full refund.

In order to solve this problem, all those who bought IPhone 4 will be issued a free protective case. (
Writer's Note: This will solve the antenna problem)

We care about every customer.”

Protective Case for IPhone 4

Finally, Apple came out and acknowledged the problem and provided a solution. And they stopped giving wishy washy answers.

I was also imagining how previous Apple style answers can be given for other problems in this world. Some of them are:

Problem: Tamil Nadu is facing shortage of electricity and the electricity board is not doing anything.

Apple style answer: A software error falsely indicated we have surplus electricity.

Problem: Fuel price hike throws life out of gear.

Apple style answer: We'll be holding an invitation-only "press conference" to discuss how we purchase crude oil.

Problem: Sony’s VAIO laptops catch fire.

Apple style answer: The problem is with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Problem: Toyota has sticky gas pedals.

Apple style answer: Drivers are pressing their foot down wrong.

Problem: Too much traffic in the street and there is heavy traffic jam.

Apply style answer: Stay indoor during day time. Go out between midnight and 3 am.

Problem: Double sided electric tooth brush looks ugly and weird.

Apple style answer: Our CEO likes the way this tooth brush looks slick and slim.


  1. Apple is willing to take back with full refund ,that would be good news for many.So what are your plans.

    I liked the a la Apple type answers.We are also adept in giving such answers.

  2. ROFL ROFL at your apple style answers :D
    witty and humorous :D

  3. LOL ! is this creativity or is the situation laughing at you ? we are entertained .. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments Chitra. I would go for a protective case right now. And, then see if they come out with a better version after September. I am glad you liked the apple style answer.

  5. Thanks for your comments Rajlakshmi. I am glad you liked these Apple style answers. (Since Steve Jobs email address is public, I am thinking of sending this post to him.)

  6. Thanks for your comments NRIGirl. I am glad you liked this post.

  7. Thanks for your comments R-ambam. And, welcome to my post. You can take it either way. Or may be both. I am glad you liked this post.

    R-ambam, please visit here as often as possible. Idhu oru aarambamaaga irukkatum. Thanks.

  8. I think Steve Jobs is showing visible signs of old age. Giving an unrelated answer for a complaint :)
    Your take was brilliant. You would make a good politician. Ever given it a thought SG? ;)

  9. Thanks for your comments Lostworld. Steve is not that old. He is only 55 this year. But last year he had liver transplant operation.

    You will be surprised to know that after graduation from high school, Steve spent 2 years in India in search of spiritual enlightenment.

  10. Ooops I missed one of your points. Ms. Lostworld, I want to be a politician. But I will never be one. One has to be thick-skinned to be a politician. I am not like that.

  11. I guess apple has shown that it cares for its customers and i guess when u do business one has to answer the way Steve Jobs answered. In fact he handled the situation quite well!!

  12. Thanks for your comments Nazish. Steve Jobs handled it very well in Friday's press conference.

  13. lolz!!If life would be apple style ...God alone knows what havoc would be caused!Great post SG!Fun with a pun:)

  14. Hilarious take on Apple type responses.

  15. Thanks for your comments Sana. Yes, it would be terrible if we receive wishy washy answers all the time.

  16. Thanks for your comments Radha. I am glad you liked this post.

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