Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Page From the Past

This happened a few years ago. Even now, when I and LG (my wife) recall this incident, we laugh and laugh.

Her brother and his wife were visiting from India. Our ironing board started to give trouble. LG wanted me to buy a new one before their arrival. We all know I am the laziest person in the world. And before I could buy a new ironing board, they have arrived from India.

LG is a worrying type. Her visiting sister-in-law is used to making rude remarks. That does not bother me a bit. But it bothers LG a lot. LG was worried that the visiting lady would give some caustic remarks about our not keeping a working ironing board and how everything is “perfect” in her home in India, etc etc. You get the drift

The day after their arrival, I got a call from LG while I was in my office. She requested me to buy an ironing board before I come home, unpack it, and put it in the garage so that it will look like the ironing board has been there in working condition all the time. This should be done secretly without the visitors’ knowledge.

I took my afternoon off and drove home. On the way I stopped by a departmental store near our home to buy a new ironing board. While the sales clerk was explaining the difference between various brands of ironing boards and their prices, I heard a few Tamil voices from the next isle. After a few seconds, I realized it was my wife’s voice and her brother and his wife’s voices.

I was supposed to buy this without their knowledge. So, at that given moment, I did not know what to do. While the sales clerk was continuing his sales pitch, I started to leave. The sales clerk was surprised. The following conversation took place.

Why are you leaving Sir? You did not like any of these ironing boards?

I like them. I will come back later. Right now I have to leave urgently.


(If you want to lie, you should plan ahead. This was an impromptu incident.)

I heard my wife’s voice in the next aisle. She is with someone.

Sir, you don’t have to runaway because your wife is with someone. If she and that guy see you, they should be the ones running away from you.

Before he could finish, I was out of there.

Later I came to know LG drove the visitors to this departmental store without knowing I would also be there. Any how, I came back after 20 minutes and bought the ironing board. Unpacked it and put it in the garage. LG was happy. I told her the incident in the departmental store a few hours later. Even now, when we recall this incident, we laugh and laugh.


  1. Wow! That is a crazy story of coincidence.
    I had a similar experience at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
    I got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

    Lindsay Lohan

  2. Yeah we got the drift and still laughing!

    Amazing incident...esp I loved the cliche responses of the store sales man...hee heee...Lolz!

    So, now u know how important is it to be constantly connected with wife? :)

    ROFL...any reactions from ur sis in law?

  3. Also, I see lindsay lohan commenting on ur blog how popular u r...hee hee just in case if she has time here's another blog she should visit-

  4. Wow! that was quite an experience and a round of applause at the witty reply the salesman gave :)
    A wonderful memory indeed!

  5. Thanks for your comments Lindsay. I am sure you got the hell out of Chateau Marmont Hotel as fast as your could. One question still lingers. Have you settled the unpaid hotel bill of $46,350.04. Until you pay it, don't plan to go there again.

  6. Thanks for your comments Ekta. I appreciate it. We never told this incident to my brother in law and his wife. By the way, they live in your city. So please don't tell if you bump into them at the
    Ambience Mall.

  7. Thanks Ekta. I think "Who Posted This" reads all the comments. Also, I will mention to him about this comment of yours.

  8. Thanks for your comments Era. We still talk about this and laugh.

  9. LOL...All's well that ends well, SG!! Arghh.. stress of deadlines, with lazy husbands are so common in every home...hilarious!

  10. Thanks for your comments Panchali. I am lazy because I believe the problems will be solved by themselves if we don't do anything. May be I am wrong. For example, I thought they would postpone their visit. Hahaha.

  11. OMG.. Hilarious! :-D How did I miss this post. I am smiling wide reading this. Cherish the memories.

  12. Thanks for your comments lostworld. Everytime we recall this incident, we laugh and laugh.

  13. ROFL :D

    This was so jumping to conclusions - literally!!!


  14. This is really funny!!!As you say, if you have to lie you need to be prepared!! Hope the visiting couple were satisfied with the ironing board

  15. Real cute SG.
    Sometimes such things happen, and leaves us all flustered.
    Anyway,the job got done. Nice ot know you are backtoo blogging.

  16. Hahahaha A mature and fair remark by salesman at that departmental store !!!
    He might have shared your incidence in his home saying "there was a strange man today.....(and rest of the story)" :p