Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tag Time

Now it is tag time. Priyaa has tagged me. I have been asked to write a post on the following subjects:

Tell two moments in my life when I was both happy and sad (simultaneously).

Leaving India and coming to California. Happy to go to USA for a better career and better life. Looking forward to the American dream. At the same time, sad because of leaving family and friends. Not being able to see Kamal Haasan movies on the day of release. Missing Rava Dosa (with special chutney and a bucket of sambar) in Chennai restaurants.

Company transfer from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, Utah. Happy that I got a big promotion, prestigious title, nice salary increase. Sad because we were leaving our home in California. That is the first home we ever bought in our life. My first debt to the bank. Special affection towards that home. We often look at that home drawing. Still wondering how the architect was able to design a comfortable 4 bedroom home in only 1590 square foot (single floor).

Tell two books I love and why.

“Love Story” by Erich Segal. It was also made into a successful movie in Hollywood starring Ryan O’Neil and Ali MacGraw. Romantic drama ends in a tragedy. The famous line “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” was uttered twice in this book/movie. Very emotional. If you don’t drop a tear after reading this book or watching this movie, please let me know. I will refund you the cost of the book or cost of renting the DVD (including pop corn, nachos, and soda).

“Call me Hope” by Gretchen Olson. Story about an 11 year old girl named Hope. Book is about how Hope lives under the pressure of her abusive mother. We generally think child abuse means physically hurting a child. Even constant verbal abuse is also child abuse. This book touched my heart. We should never ever let any child go through this kind of abuse.

About a person I had met in my life at some point in my life but could never forget him/her.

When we were living in Salt Lake City, every year, we used to receive invitation to attend the Sundance International Film Festival in Park City, Utah. That place would be crowded with internationally known movie people – stars, producers, directors, etc. etc.

One year we saw the glamorous Hollywood movie star, Sally Field. She has won the Oscar Award for best actress 2 times. She was surrounded by several directors and producers. They were having a serious discussion about something in a round table.

We were excited to see Sally Field. We liked her in the movies Mrs. Doubtfire and Eye for an Eye. My wife wanted to take a picture with her. Without realizing she is talking to some people, I go straight to her and ask her if she can pose for a picture with my wife. She smiled and said: Sure. She asked the other people to hold on for a minute until I take the picture. She stands up, puts her arm around my wife, and smiles. Click. Picture taken. I say: Thank you. She replies: You are welcome. We leave and she goes back to the round table to continue their discussion.

Now I realize I did not take a picture with her. I go to her again and ask her if she can pose for a picture with me now. The same smile and says: Sure. Again asked others to hold on. Stands up, puts her arm around me, and smiles. My wife takes the picture. I say: Thank you so much Sally. She replies: Any time. Goes back to join the conversation with others.

Internationally famous movie star. Disturbed her twice when she was having a serious conversation with a few producers and directors. Never showed any irritation. Always smiling and eager to oblige a fan’s request. No haughtiness. Down to earth. Will always remember her.

Well! Now I am going to pass along this tag to the following friends:

Please write a post on the following:

2 cities you love and why?

2 profession (other than the one you are in now) you love and why?

Tell us how you spent the day yesterday – from the time you woke up till you went to bed.



  1. Very very interesting reading your tag. Similar incident happened to me when we met actress Gauthami in chennai last year. She was so courteous it was truly a pleasure.

    Thanks for tagging me. I will do it tomorrow :)

  2. My ex-wife (Pamela Anderson) made me happy and sad at the exact same time in just one sentence.
    She told me, “Honey, in my experience…you are clearly the best lover…when I compare you to your friends.”

    Yep, that made me Happy and Sad.

    Tommy Lee
    (Motley Crue)

  3. Thanks for your comments lostworld. I thought all actors have a lot of thimiru (haughty). Looks like it is not so after all.

  4. Thanks for your comments Tommy. I know you both have made your personal “xxx” tape available to subscribers thru IEG. Any latest addition to that collection?

  5. Lovely answers....such simplicity and honesty feels very great to know you some more :)

  6. Loved the post, really! simple yet interesting....u really are a decent person, somehow this post reflected that! Love Story is on my to-read list, but I never heard about the other...would like to read both now!
    And great that u had such an unforgettable encounter...I wish i had that with Akshay Kumar :-D

  7. Thanks for your comments Me. I think I am simple and honest. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for your comments Priyaa. You want an unforgettable encounter with Akshay Kumar. Good Luck to you.

  9. I have read 'Love story' book and watched the movie too. What you say about the movie is right.

    The first house if always precious to us, SG!

    Sally is really great and you are lucky to have photographed with her. Can you display the picture?

  10. Whoa, you took me by total surprise! Thank you, will need to take a while to write the post but I am deeply honored and I will get cracking on it!

    It was great to read your post, too. I agree: Love by Erich Sehgal is a masterpiece.

  11. Very interesting tag. And good to see you blogging regularly too. :)

  12. Thanks for your comments Sandhya. Since leaving Salt Lake City, we have moved to 3 different cities (including Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). So, I have to search our photo albums. Once I find it, I will put it here.

  13. Thanks for your comments Sanand. Looking forward to read your post on this tag.

  14. Thanks for your comments Neha. I am just trying to make a re-entry.

  15. Gotcha...Smart questions...

    Hmmm will revert ok if I reply to this tag towards end of month?

  16. Thanks for your comments Ekta. Sure. Take your time. Will be looking for it.