Thursday, October 18, 2012


First, this is a tongue-in-cheek post.

People say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has a price to pay. I disagree with that. There are a few things I/we can get for free.

Free cold and cough.

Free x-ray from the airport security agents.

Free advice from a lot of people.

Free lice available at most schools. Hey, it’s a pet, right?

Free emails known as spam.

Free sunshine.

Free portrait when you get booked after an arrest (mug shot).

Free smiles.

Free divorce just for asking.

Free concussion trying to break a fight.

Free Headache.

Free room and board. Thanks mom and dad.

Free room and board in the jail. Thanks Government.

Do you know anything else that comes free?


  1. The free advise is seldom free. It is always told in a way that entices the listener to act in someway beneficial to the advisor.

    Whenever I need a suggestion/advise, I take it from a few people and do the exact opposite of what has been told to me by the majority of them. It works. Try it :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. blogging is free:)

    I think divorce is nevr free...

  3. Hi... ;)

    Free judgements ...I would add that...the whole world is always judging!

  4. Good thinking.Other than what SG said free scolding, free bombing,free corruption,free workload(we needn't pay)etc, etc.

  5. Thanks for your comments Rajesh. You have the right idea.

  6. Thanks for your comments Renu. I know divorce is never free. As I said, this is a tongue-in-cheet post. Trying to be humorous.

  7. Thanks for your comments Aparna. Free judgement is a good one.

  8. Thanks for your comments Sarala. You are on a roll.

  9. LOLzzz!!

    You have an amazing sense of humour SG :D

    Such blogposts are free which make you laugh like crazy!!


  10. Free divorce?? didn't get it. Buy one ..get one or 2 free.

  11. Thanks for your comments Me. Yup, these blogposts are free.

  12. Thanks for your comments Chitra. I should have explianed this when I replied to Renu's comment. So here it goes.

    In California, a couple can get a divorce without going through a lawyer. If the divorce is with mutual consent, they can fill a few prescribed forms, sign them, and give them to the judge. The judge will grant the divorce. No need to spend huge amounts of dollars to the lawyers. That is what I meant by free divorce.

  13. Free exams. Atleast thats what I am going through now.

    Free comments too:)

  14. The best free things in your post are sunshine and smiles.

    This reminds me of a song by Janet Jackson "The best things in life are free"

    Lice, rats in kitchen, lizards on wall and mosquitoes...all free pets!

  15. Thanks for your comments Revathi. Free exams. Cool. I am sure you would do well.

  16. Thanks for your comments Aparna. I have to hand it to you. You are more knowledgeable than me.

  17. Free - opportunity and offers to give bribe

    Free - Vote

  18. Thanks for your comments sm. Those 2 are good ones.

  19. A very different post .. I totally agree with the free advice part .. I think am guilty too :)
    How about personal questions from curious people ? That's totally for free !

  20. Advise in India comes free- sometimes even with incentives :) But I agree with Renu- divorce is never free!

  21. Thanks for your comments Aarthy. And, welcome to my blog. Personal questions from curious people is a good one.

    Aarthy, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  22. Thanks for your comments Meera. Regarding free divorce, please read my reply to Chitra's comments. Thanks.

  23. Thanks for your comments Rahul. I think you meant "freedom" when you wrote free(dom). Hope it is not free dominant.