Friday, May 16, 2014

My View of the Indian Election

Now that the results are out in the Indian election, here are my views.  Just my own personal views.
Glad BJP won absolute majority.  They need not depend on regional parties to form the government and thus succumb to their blackmail.
Glad Congress lost.  People taught them a good lesson.
Glad Sonia and Rahul won.  If they had lost, it would have been a sudden death with no pain.  Their win will make them sit in the opposition (facing Narendra Modi) is analogues to painful slow death.
Disappointed ADMK had a huge victory, making it the 3rd largest party in the Lok Sabha.
Happy ADMK’s 37 seats are of no use to Mr. Modi.
Sorry for the “win” of all movie/sports people contestants.
Happy for the “defeat” of all movie/sports contestants.
Sorry Arun Jaitely lost.
Happy Kapil Sibal lost.
Sorry Nandan Nilekani lost.  Right man in the wrong party.
FYI.  Dr. J. Jayavardhan  (ADMK) won from Central Chennai.  He is only 26 years old.

Sorry Vaiko lost.  Excellent spell bound orator – both in English and Tamil.  But always make the wrong decision at the right time.
In USA, the newly elected President will appoint as ministers a few capable persons from the opposition party.  Same way, I would like Mr. Modi appoint a few capable ministers from the opposition parties.
I don’t think there is any law that says you should select people from your own party as ministers.  Am I correct?
Do you have any “happy” and/or “sorry” from these election results?


  1. You have covered everyhting..I am sorry for the defeat of Arun Jaitley and Smriti Irani and win for Rahul AND Sonia..

    No I wouldnt like him to take anyone from opposition..capable or not..he has enough capable people on his own...instead make a small ministry.

  2. 'In USA, the newly elected President will appoint as ministers a few capable persons from the opposition party. Same way, I would like Mr. Modi appoint a few capable ministers from the opposition parties.' These things will never happen here, in India! In the North India politicians behave normally and pleasantly too at times with other party people, but here, in Tamilnadu, Amma's party people esp. are scared to speak to other party people!

    I didn't know a 26 year old person won in Central Chennai, which is good news.
    Arun Jaitly and Nilekani's defeat is unbelievable. Jaswant Singh should have been given a seat in BJP. He stood alone as an independent!

    Now, let us see how Modi rules our country. Rahul must be a happy person. He was never a politician. Let us see if they are ready to learn some lessons now.

  3. Your views cent percent I second.I think the law should b amended to insert someone from opposition into the ministry.It is just a mirror image of what I thought except the inclusion of opposition.

    More over there is enough capability on treasury bench itself.If the ministry is short in expanse,it would be sweet.

    They(the congress) may think of lifting Priyanka and that would be suicidal as Mr.Vadra may take charge of the whole slot.

    Let us wait and see the result. ADMK's massive success in assembly and parliament may turn 'Amma' once again impertinent. Nice views,SG.

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  5. My opinion resonates almost as that of yours! I think, regional parties should be given a chance to participate in Loksabha Election only if they can fight at 272+ seats, else they create difficult situations.

    As Ms. Renu has told, I think taking opponent party ministers too as members would depress the ministers of the winning party, who have given their part in the success.

    Yes, as Ms. Sandhya wrote, I wished if Jaswanth Singh was not left out. Ha haa, seems true that Raul Vinci is happy for the defeat of Congress (I). I felt so looking at his expressions while Mrs Sonia spoke to the media.

    The Arts & Me

  6. Shashi Taroor, in spite of the recent happenings, and being with the wrong party, won in Tiruvananthapuram! I didn't expect that. Good that 2G Raja lost.

    Destination Infinity

  7. It's a lesson for India media,for Congress,for disruptive forces,for " Seculars" and for minorities .
    Thank you everyone for voting in BJP

  8. I will let the course of action taken by the party who won decide whether I am happy or sad about it. :D

  9. Your third point about Rahul and Sonia is very, very true!

    This was the first time I voted in LS elections, after the first vote in Punjab Assembly in 2012. Both times, my guys lost. Sigh.

  10. Change is always hopeful. I just hope we don't face disappointment again after Kejriwal.
    Progress, literacy, employment should be the prime agenda.

    P.s: Vadra must be running scared. His scams are now open to investigations.

  11. I hope that the ruling party appoints capable people and they all do what they had promised!

  12. I hope that the ruling party appoints capable people and they all do what they had promised!

  13. I am happy that the people of India stood together to kick out the congress party which was badly needed..but now wish that the BJP works as they promised..time to see that the people are not fooled once again..

    happy that the people who were calling him donkey, butcher etc. etc. are now mum..

    Sorry that a capable like Arun Jaitley and Smriti Rrani lost..

    but as you said very happy that Rahul and Sonia Gandhi won and that they will sit in the opposition and see Mr. Modi as the PM and die every single day..

    Feel very bad to use hard words for others but what this party has done to our nation pains the heart..

    A wonderful post SG..

  14. Now that people have given a clear mandate for a change, I hope it is channelised properly and the winners don't resort to squabbling amongst themselves.

  15. u have covered everything! i am happy as well that bjp won :) now just hoping to see a better India :)

  16. What a great victory it was for the BJP, which was always made to look as an untouchable , sure they have their shortcomings, but at least they have learnt the lesson that politics is beyond masjid and mandir.
    Even now certain people should be controlled within the party. As for Jaswant Singh it was good riddance to bad rubbish, people as old as him (of course he has stood as an independent) and Advani and Joshi should not given any cabinet positions, they have always been cribbers with no substantial hard work to their credit. Even Sushma Swaraj should not be entertained, she should be asked to accept or reject whatever post they deem fit for her.
    Nitish has been a very big disappointment, he is stuck with no concrete plans.
    Yes Raul Gandhi is mighty pleased that he no is forced to lead the country and so are the others leaving it for the madame to handle everything.
    I only hope the media would not keep on nit picking on each and every action taken by modi and his party members, enough is enough let for a change politician are left to go about their job in an earnest manner.
    I am also very happy that the AAP finally was shown the door, and even now they don't seem to have learnt anything, for they are back trying t o join hands with congress and do something in Delhi, I only hope they don't succeed.

  17. I'm not following politics lately. But here in Brazil this theme is terrible!
    As you can see, the Brazilian politicians prefer to host the Cup of the World to make a hospital and a school for people (we really don't have it).
    Here is very common when the mayor wins, he "hires" verdict of the same party who didn't win. In the other words, the mayor puts everyone he wants. So, our country is that crap that is!
    The kids don't have classes because the teachers are on strike. We can't hop on a public bus because vandals can burn it. We have to work to pay for a health plan (which costs about R$500) because if you wait for the public service you die waiting. And I don't know why we'll have the world cup! Sure, because of political!
    The senators and congressmen earn a salary of R$26.000,00 and a teacher earns about R$1.000,00.
    I don't know what will happen in June when the World Cup will start. Tourists will be robbed, raped, murdered... they will have their cars destroyed and stolen his cell. It will be a tragedy! And I'm really thank for not having games in my town! My country is going through a great shame!

  18. Let's see what happens. India needed a change for sure, and I sure hope it is going to get better. I would love a rape-free Delhi for beginners!
    I agree about Congress!

  19. I am happy that Modi won this time. :) Wish I could vote. :(

  20. To All Friends who wrote comments on this post:

    Thank you all for your comments. Usually, I write individual responses to all the comments. These days, somehow, I find myself super busy. Therefore, please excuse my deviation.

  21. I have more or less similar feelings about election but the best part is Manmohan Singh not being the PM any more- just today morning saw an analysis of his speech and Modi's but No am not a modi supporter , neither a hater. Will wait and see if his acts are as good as his words but ya elections this time did give me a feel that there can be some change eventually....

  22. Interesting read. I agree with you only about the Congress defeat. I am glad Jayalalitha won. I am glad the southern states voted differently. It shows we think differently and beyond caste and communal barriers. A parliament with with no strong opposition is not healthy in a democracy. Lets see how these 5 years go for us. It is going to be a male dominated parliament with no strong women to speak of in either the ruling party or opposition. The 16th Lok Sabha is also said to be one of the "greyest"- it has maximum no of old people. No youth means no new ideas.

  23. Hey SG, Looks like you have covered everything!

    Adding a few to the list, with your permission:

    SAD that a man of great integrity such as O Rajagopal lost to Shashi Tharoor.

    Agree with you on Arun Jaitley.

    HAPPY to see AAP get the answer they deserve. They took the people of Delhi for a circus tour, made a mockery out of everything and created such a ruckus, spilling anarchy and chaos on the streets of Delhi AFTER they were elected to power. Those who are in power and cannot handle responsibility SHOULD be given answers like this from the voters.

    Strong message from India to all politicians - Get Things Done or Else...!

    And thanks SG for your comments on my blogpost, much appreciated!