Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Circle of Friends Award"

I am happy to receive “The Circle of Friends Award” from SiMbA tAgO. I am honored he considers me as his friend.

Here are the rules associated with this award.

You have to display this award in your sidebar mentioning who you got it from with a link to his/her blog.

You can keep this award only to yourself or pass this on to more deserving bloggers of your choice.

And now, I pass on this award to:

Insignia – a true blog friend and my technical advisor
Gautam – a friend of a friend, so he is my friend

Congratulations Insignia. Congratulations Gautam.


  1. Thanks Swatanta. Thanks also on behalf of Insignia and Gautam.

  2. Vishnu, I am not an "expert" with many of the blogspot functions to maintain and operate my blog. I ask Insignia's advice whenever I have a problem. She guides me to resolve it.

  3. Hi SG,

    Thanks a ton. You call me a technical adviser. Oops, I am honored. It was just technical assistance. :-)

    Congrats to Gautam. I know he would be really happy to be receiving this award.

  4. Thanks for your comments Insignia. You deserve this award. Again, I admire your writing skills. I used the word "advisor". You used the word "adviser". I wanted to get back at you. But I lost. I researched. The correct is "adviser".

  5. Hello SG!
    I am truly honoured.
    Thank you for adding me as a friend.
    On this happy juncture I decided to create a new blog just to have the awards, if I get any in the future.

  6. The link is.

  7. Thanks Gautam for accepting this award. I will remember your new website for you to accept these awards. I am sure many more will come.

  8. hey congratulations SG, and congratulations to other winners too...:)

  9. Thanks Neha...I and Insignia and Gautam appreciate it.

  10. Thanks a lot and appreciate lostworld.

  11. Oops my bad!!!
    How stupid and forgetful can I get!! I forgot to congratulate you SG.

    So very sorry. Congratulations on the award. :-)

  12. Congrats SG! and wish you many more!