Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google (Continuation)

I wrote a post on Google in which I said Google is considering closing their operations in China rather than cooperating with that government’s directive. I also wrote about obeying the local law or disobeying the local law if they consider that as illegal in their own country.

All the comments were unanimous in saying that they should obey the local law.

This morning I read that France is considering banning Islamic dress (including full Muslim veil) anywhere in public. There are some countries that ban sikhs wearing a turban.

I would like to ask the opinion of the readers.

Do they obey the local law?

Do they stay in that country and protest?

Do they just leave that country?


  1. SG,

    I still stick to my have to follow the rule of the country you are staying in...

    India is very liberal in this matter..out constitution of India Article 25 gives us the freedom to profess our religion..but same we cannot expect for all the countries..

    if the rules say that you cannot wear certain kind of a dress then it is your duty as a citizen/local person to obey that it a religious or a moral issue..

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  3. Well, people must obey the local laws.

    BUT the beauty of democracy is......any stupid "law" can also be challenged in COURTS.

    Of course foreigners cannot do that.

    However , i am sure muslim/sikh french citizens have the right to take the french govt. to court over banning!!!!!


  4. @ IP, just want to give you a mandatory rule info here..any law cannot be challenged..for example, our Indian constitution gives us certain fundamental rights..nobody can demand to change them..and this religious issue has been included in one of the fundamental rights in India :)

    I am not aware about the foreign laws regarding this issue..

  5. You asked 3 questions at the bottom of the blog:

    Do they obey the local law?
    YES, obey the local law.
    It's a dumb idea but obey the law.

    Do they stay in that country and protest?
    HELL YES, always protest something that is unjust.
    Just protest the right way to get your point across and to create change.

    Do they just leave that country?
    I would say NO...but that is my opinion. Different people react to things differently but I say don't leave.

    Now here is my humble opinion beyond those 3 questions.

    First and foremost - Fock France!
    That has to be one of the worst countries in the world.
    You can only count on the French for 2 things: Rude behavior and laying down like a bunch of wimps during wartime.
    Why on God's green earth would anyone expect anything good to come out of France.
    It's so dumb to see that a new law will actually take away a right instead of giving the people a new right.
    Add to that, they are taking away the rights of 1...and I mean only one - group.
    This isn't like an airport security measure where everyone is affected. No, they are going after 1 group.

    Like I said, Fock France!
    Call us when you need to have your country liberated...again!
    If anyone gets lost in France and they need to know the way to Paris...just ask a GERMAN...they know the way to Paris.

  6. --Do they obey the local law?
    There is no reason to obey the local law.

    --Do they stay in that country and protest?
    There is no need to stay and protest.

    --Do they just leave that country?
    Oh yes, just leave...and leave quickly.
    Leave before you get serious jail time for breaking the law.
    Leave like a little sissy and live in a country with other sissies where they won't extradite you.

    Roman Polanski

    p.s. LONG LIVE THE FRENCH...for letting people like me live in their wonderful country!!

  7. Thanks for your comments Neha. I agree with you. People have to obey the local law. If they think it is illegal or immoral, they can get out....just like Google is trying to do in China and IBM and Coke did in India in 1977.

  8. Thanks for your comments Indian Pundit. I do not know about India. In USA, foreigners can sue USGovernment and/or private citizens.

  9. Thanks for your comments The Cagey Bee. I agree with no no....all of your comments in this regard.

    You must have been born and brought up in San Francisco Bay Area and seen the movie "Bottle Shock" at least 5 times. Your French bashing proves that.

  10. Thanks for your comments Roman. Where did you find time to read my post and comment? I thought you are in jail in Switzerland and still fighting the extradition case.

    Sooner or later you will stand before the Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza in Los Angeles and get your sentencing for raping a 13 year old girl in 1977.

  11. :) LOL at ur & who posted this's conversation.

  12. Thanks for your comments MindfulMeanderer. I am glad you liked our "friendly" exchange.

  13. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
    I guess laws are made only so that there is some discipline and uniformity. Of course, certain laws would appear silly to us but one must abide by it.

    A Muslim doesn't become a Christian just because they stop wearing a burqa.

  14. Thanks for your comments lostworld. I completely agree with you. It is all in our mind.

  15. Of course they obey the local law. Whatever it is, obey it. It might not be agreeable to the majority, it might be absurd, but obey it.

    They should protest, they should cite examples as to how they are isolated and targeted.

    If you cant obey the law nor have the thing to protest, LEAVE!!

  16. Wish you and your family Happy Makar Sankranti.
    I appreciate for your wonderful post. I liked it very much.

  17. Thanks for your comments Insignia. I agree with you 100%. Obey the local law. If you don't like, just get out.

  18. Thanks for your comments Babli. Happy Makar Sankranti to you and your family

  19. I too feel we must obey the law of the land where we live. If it doesn't suit ok move on....

  20. i agree totally with the cagey bee..