Monday, September 10, 2012

My 200th Post

This is my 200th post. Long over due. I started writing in June 2009. I wrote 63 posts in 2009 and 117 posts in 2010. Then I took a kind of sabbatical in 2011. In that year, I wrote only 2.

I would like to thank all my friends for their continued support.

What prompted me to start my own blog? I want to thank 2 people for that.

I used to follow Insignia’s blog. I am following even now. Impressed with her writing skills. Bindu asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I did and it was well received. She encouraged me to create my own blog and start writing. She helped me with setting up my own blog. In essence, she was my technical advisor and blog guru. And, she still is.

The Cagey Bee/Who Posted This. He is the same person but writes comments with 2 pseudo names depending on the subject. He also encouraged me to start my own blog. I have been told by a few readers that they visit my blog only to read the comments from this guy. I wish I had this guy’s humorous writing skills. He is not a mystery person. Two fellow blogging friends have indeed met him in person. I have asked him to create his own blog and start writing posts. He said he is content with writing comments only.

Of all the posts I wrote so far, I personally like the following 12 in rank order.

Poor Judgement (Caution: Real Story, Very Tragic)

Since I have nothing to do, I have been monitoring the “live feed”. Even though no one writes a comment any more on this post, the most “read” post is “The Allan Bakke Case”.

Once again, thanks to you all for your continued support. Puleeze keep visiting my blog.


  1. Congrats SG. When you wrote your first post on my blog; I just put it across - Why dont you start your own? You write well. I am glad I told that!

    Thanks for mentioning me and Cagey Bee! Cagey Bee's comments compete with your posts. I equally look forward to the comments by Who Posted This?

    Looking forward to read your 2000th post!

  2. Hello Congratulations SG!!

    Having an inspiring blogging guru and an encouraging commentor means a lot for any blogger.:)

    Will read these posts of yours ..and looking forward to more such centuries from you with some wonderfully written posts.

  3. What are you doing man?
    Just give kudos to Insignia and stop there.
    She helped you get started…and she’s talented, smart, and a very good writer.

    Why on earth are you mentioning my name?
    I’m just a freaking loud mouth nobody.

    Add to that, you just let out a big secret.

    Some people thought YOU were ‘The Cagey Bee’ in disguise.
    Other people thought that YOU are also ‘Who Posted This?’ commenting on your own blog.
    (why would people think that…I don’t know)

    But now the cat’s out of the bag.

    Nonetheless, congrats on reaching 200.
    You are an outstanding writer who talks about a wide variety of subjects.
    Also, you don’t shy away from controversy…so keep pushing the envelope.
    Looking forward to the next 200…and 2,000 as Insignia said.

  4. Hey SG, I don’t go by two different names.
    I only have one identity.

    Dr. Jekyll
    Bruce Wayne
    Clark Kent
    Anakin Skywalker
    Hal Jordan
    The Cagey Bee

  5. Congratulations SG!
    I too have noticed that my 'most read post' has least number of comments.

    on another note, I seem to have missed reading a lot of your posts :( plan to catch up soon...

  6. Thanks for your comments and complements Insignia. With you as my advisor and guru, I can sail through the next 1800 posts.

  7. Thank you Me for your comments and complements. Looking for continued support from readers like you.

  8. Thanks Ekta for your complements.

  9. Thanks for your complements The Cagey Bee. Why on earth am I mentioning your name? For writing comments in my blog. As Insignia rightly said you are my competition.

  10. Thanks for your comments Dr. Jekyil, Bruce, Clark, Anakin, Hal, and Mr. Bee. There is one advantgage in having a spit personality. You are never lonely. You always have someone to talk to.

  11. Thanks for your complements Neha.

  12. Thanks for your commplements Shruthi. Don't worry about not reading a lot of my posts. I understand. Newly married, new country, new job. Takes time to settle. But please do catch up soon.

  13. Congratulations SG :)
    Now am off to read the posts I've missed (I guess it would be all on the list).

  14. Thanks for your complements Era. Please do read them and let me know what you think. Thanks Era.

  15. Congratulations, SG, Sir! Waiting to read more!

  16. Thanks for your complements Sandhya. What is this "sir" business. Informal is the one I like.

  17. Congratulations SG on your 200th post- certainly a milestone! Yes, the blogging world brings us close to so many styles of writing. It is an education in itself. Good luck. Hope you hit your 300th post soon

  18. Congratulations SG...You do have the skill to write and glad that it comes to the world in the form of this blog...wish you many more turning points..

    Thank you Insignia for encouraging him to start a blog...

    And thank you CageyBee for commenting to make sure it kept going ;)

    Aparna (still a newbee ..)

  19. Congrats on 200 posts! Wish u many more milestones :)

  20. Thanks for your comments and complements Meera.

  21. Thanks for your comments and complements Aparna. You are a newbee? Hahaha. Is that what they call in Cambridge someone who has completed 100 posts and marching toward her 200th?

  22. Thank you very much for your complements Rohitha. I really appreciate it.

  23. Congratulations on the 200th post, SG! That's quite a milestone in the blogosphere :)
    It's really good to be in touch once again after along long time.Keep the humour alive in our lives :) All the very best!

  24. My My My! After so long Varsha. Nice to see your comment. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Thanks for your comments and complements. Let us keep in touch.

  25. Congrats friend :)

  26. Hearty Congratulations SG!! Wishing you many more successful years of blogging!!
    Sorry, I stepped in late...

  27. Thanks for your comments Ash. Long time No see.

  28. Thanks for your comments and complements Panchali.

  29. Congratulations SG and looking forward to many more hundreds of posts..

  30. I too went on break from Blogging. For six months. But then, I decided that it will be my last blogging break. Congrats on completing 200 posts. Having done that, I know how difficult it is!

    Destination Infinity

  31. Thanks for your complements Ranita.

  32. Thanks for your complements Rajesh. Please visit here again.