Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Funniest Small-Town Names

I have come across some small towns in USA whose names are very funny. Here are some of them.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

This town is located half-way between El Paso and Albuquerque. It is well known for its geothermal springs.

Boring, Oregon

This town is located half an hour from Portland. There are lot of activities here and you will never be bored.

Cool, California

This town is located in the foothills of Sierras and about one hour from Sacramento. It is famous for its annual bicycle race.

Uncertain, Texas

This town is located along the Texas Louisiana border. Caddo Lake, Texas’ only naturally formed lake is the main attraction.

Carefree, Arizona

This town is located just north of Phoenix. This resort town is famouse for golf, spas, and other outdoor activities.

Last Chance, Idaho

This town is located about 30 miles south of West Yellowstone. It is a nature-lover’s paradise. Fishing and hiking are popular pastimes.

Accident, Maryland

This town is located 2 hours from Pittsburg. This town’s biggest attraction is the historical Drane House.

Normal, Illinois

This town is located about 120 miles from Chicago. Children’s Discovery Museum is the main attraction here.


  1. Wow. It was impossible to know these unless you post it. Where did you find such good knowledge?

  2. Thanks for your comments A. My friend told me he was going to Cool, California, for the weekend. I thought that was a funny name. So I checked around with my friends. And, these names were suggested by them.

  3. Sorry I didn't believe you with "Truth or Consequences" ...I had to check the same in Google Maps and yes there it was...but why did they name a town like that? That's a lot of information shall remember about it...and pass it on... :)

  4. Thanks for your comments Swaram. I am glad you like this post.

  5. Thanks for your comments Aparna. I am glad you checked this out in Google and found I did not make up these names. I am reminded, for no reason, of a line from the Neil Simon movie, Biloxi Blues. The main character Eugene Morris Jerome says:

    "I learned a very important lesson that night. People believe whatever they read. Something magical happens once it’s put down on paper. They figure no one would have gone through the trouble if it wasn't the truth.”

    There was a popular radio show in the 1950s. It was called “Truth or Consequences”. When they built this city, some wise people decided to name this city after that popular radio show.

  6. Thanks for your comments NRIGirl. I am glad you found this post interesting.

    You said: Cool! Interesting info". Did you mean Cool, California?

  7. Truth or Consequences - wins hands down. LOL. This was a fun post :)

  8. Thanks for your comments Titaxy. I also like the town name "Truth or Consequences". I am glad you liked this post.

  9. Thanks for sharing!.quite interesting info!

  10. I guess Normal, sounds safe to visit :)lolz
    Thanks for sharing Sg!!!

  11. wow I love this post, names likes these were there in Enid Blyton books "Uncertain cause everybody is uncertain about everything".I am following you on blog lovin

  12. interesting names.... did not know they existed ever!!