Monday, April 6, 2020

Win Win Situation

I was meaning to write this blog post 6 months ago. But could not do so for some reason or other. I think now is the appropriate time.
There are a few pizza shops in Philadelphia. Many customers visiting those shops pay for a slice of pizza (I think it is $1 for each slice) and leave the receipt on the wall. Any person who doesn’t have money and hungry can take this pre-paid pizza receipt from the wall and buy pizza to eat from that shop.
This has become so popular among the customers, there are now more pre-paid receipts (approximately 70,000) than the demand in those pizza shops.
I was really moved and impressed.
Since then I was thinking this idea can be implemented in India. Indians are equally generous and compassionate. Very timely now because after the coronavirus ‘stay-at-home’ order is lifted there will be quite a few hungry unemployed persons without money. People who can afford can prepay for food and leave the receipt in a wall in that hotel (restaurant). They don’t have to do it every day. Once in a while is enough. If many people do this once in a while, that would be lot.
I am not talking about 5 star restaurants where it cost lot of money. I am talking about run of the mill hotels (restaurants), mess, and street food places. A nominal amount, say Rs.50, is enough. This is just a guess.  I have no idea how much it would cost.
This will be a win win situation for all. The establishment owners have the money paid in full on hand even before they make the food. The person who paid for the food will have the satisfaction of helping the community impacted by this world/national emergency. The poor hungry person gets to eat.
If I were in India I would contact a few hotels (restaurants) and start this program. Unfortunately, I am not there. Any of you readers or your friends active in social media can organize a project to implement this worthy cause.

PS:  The above is only a general idea.  People familiar with the local custom and behavior can device their own way how to distribute the donor receipts.

Friday, April 3, 2020


Just read a news item Prime Minister Modi had consutations with elite sports persons on the ongoing situation in India due to the coronavirus pandemic. I could not help LOL. If he appealed to them for donations then that is a different matter. “Consultations” with them? What is their expertise? Cricket players’ only expertise is they know how to connect their bat with a ball. Boxer Mary Kom expertise is in throwing a right-handed jab.
When did they become subject matter experts on coronavirus? What is the agenda for next week? Video conference with roadside tea stall owners?
Here are some other useless consultations:
President Donald Trump called baseball player Alex Rodriguez seeking advice on corona virus response. This noted infectious disease expert Alex Rodriguez’s only qualification is he knows how to hit a ball out of the park for a home run.
Biden wants to compete with Trump. He has established a Public Health Advisory Committee to advice him on corona virus. Hey Uncle Joe. What are you going to do with that advice? Trying to form a shadow government, ala a British tradition?
PS: Here is a news you will chuckle. Yesterday (April 2) the Governor for the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, said he just learned about how coronavirus spreads. Governor of a state in USA did not know how coronavirus spreads?  Come on Brian.  Give me a more believable story.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


The dictionary defines “bragging” as to talk or write about oneself in a proud or self-impressed way.
However, I've noticed that some forms of bragging are seasonal...or should I say only relevant for a short period of time. Bragging about something today, may not be impressive one or two years from now.
Here are some examples I've heard in my life:
When the famous crime novel "The Godfather" was published in 1969, it was the talk of the town. Everyone, especially girls in college would say, “Yeah, I'm reading The Godfather. It's my kind of story.” or “I already finished reading GF as I got the book on day one”.
~ Gee thanks for sharing that. Even though I didn't ask, don't care, and don't wanna know.
Here's another - complaining while bragging (so it's not as blatant and in your FACE).
Oh boy, do I have problems. There are sooo many little gadgets and shortcuts that I have to learn...on my new Mercedes Benz SUV. It's so annoying!
~ Do you know what's really annoying? YOU! You're annoying me with your back handed bragging. Your car might be kewl (cool)...but the driver is certainly an idiot!
Trap bragging.
Hey let's grab lunch today?
~Ummm...sure where do you wanna go?
I'm sick of French food so anything but French food.
~Ummm...ooookkkkaayyy. French food wasn't even on my list of places to go...but I guess I'm also fine with not going with French food. (now I'm thinking I ask WHY this person said "anything but French"? I don't wanna fall into the trap.) Dammit! Too late! Someone overheard us at the office and asked, "Hey why are you sick of Fren"...and before they can finish the sentence...the following answer was given.
(Sighs)...because we just spent the long weekend in Paris. It was just a quick getaway trip. Spur of the moment. We just decided to go...just like we went. I'm soooo tired of French food now. (sighs)
~Somebody please stab me with a fork and put me out of my misery! The next one hour everything came back to the same topic. French Fries - So when we were in Paris... ... ... French Toast - So this past weekend in Paris... ... ... ~Great... Well you can just kiss my eiffel tower!
So why did I write this blog post? I'm wondering if this latest trend is kind of, sort of, in some way... a back handed way of bragging and showing how kewl people are (yes kewl like Cartman).
The new phrase is...
I'm currently under self imposed quarantine.
----Now wait...hear me out.---
I've noticed that many politicians, famous athletes, movie stars, and other VIPs say those words. But to me it sounds like they wanna brag and be kewl. Of course, they wanna be cautious and careful (I get that) however...if you are under self-imposed quarantine then why are you announcing it to everyone?
Why don't you just quarantine yourself quietly and privately.
Why self promote, advertise, and announce to the whole world?
This of course is another "time-bound" type of bragging. A front running, I'm ahead of the pack, public bragging. One year from now...NOBODY CARES! Or...maybe I'm overreacting?
And if I am...then expect me to announce later this week that after careful consideration, I've decided to place myself on self imposed quarantine (even though I haven't traveled, haven't shown symptoms, and have not come into contact with anyone who has the virus).
PS:  I gave a draft of this post to someone for editing.  I usually don't do this.  He completely rewrote in his own "American" style.  He told me I don't have to use his version.  Since I liked his version, I am publishing it.