Monday, April 26, 2021

Poor Judgement

Last week I wrote about Senicide.  The following is a real life story.  Not a fiction.  I knew the characters personally.  Very tragic.

His name is Larry. An Anglo Saxon White guy. He was working in our company as a junior level manager. He was a bachelor, never married. He lived with his aged mother. He was not heterosexual. Unlike some others, he never advertised his sexual orientation as a gay person. But his mother and friends knew this and accepted that fact. Of course, he had a lover. His name is Charles.

I knew him well. But he was not a close friend of mine. We have been to his house one or two times. He, his mother, and his lover have come to our house once.

Larry loved his mother to death. He took care of her daily needs with love and affection. He would cook for her every day. Made sure she had her medications every day. Daily, Larry would take her mother for walking exercise. He took her on exotic vacation twice a year. In short, he took care of his mother as if he would take care of his own newborn baby.

He never drank. He never smoked.

One day, the fate struck. His doctor diagnosed he has AIDS. He was devastated. His mother was even more devastated. As months went by, his health deteriorated. Larry weighed 200 lbs. And, after 9 months he weighed only 130 lbs. He could not go to work. Therefore, he went on medical disability. He was unable to drive his car. His lover, Charles and another close friend, Sam (a straight guy) took care of the daily needs of Larry and his mother.

Larry was becoming depressed more and more every day. One day, he took several sleeping pills in order to commit suicide. However, Charles saw this and rushed him to the hospital in an ambulance. Doctors saved his life.

Many visitors came to see him at the hospital. All of them (except Sam) were unanimous in their scolding to Larry. “Why did you do this stupid thing? Your mother is very old. Who is going to take care of her if you die? If you die, your aged mother will become an orphan. Your mother is having health problems. You are going to aggravate her condition by committing suicide.”

Larry was discharged from the hospital 3 days later. Since Larry cannot take care of himself, Sam and Larry’s mother decided to admit him in a Care Home. Care Home is a home where they take care of sick people for a fee. He was there for a week. His mother was lonely at home. Sam went there every day to see how she was doing. She knew that her son was dying of AIDS. She decided to take Larry back home. Since Larry had suicidal tendencies, Sam was opposed to this idea. Sam and Larry’s mother approached the doctor in that Care Home. The doctor refused to talk to Sam. It is the law that doctors are supposed to talk only to family members, if the patient has one.

Larry and her mother talked to the Care Home doctor. No one knew the conversation. The doctor decided to release him from the Care Home and let Larry go home with his mother.

On a Thursday evening Larry called Sam about his car insurance. Sam said he will do the needful. On Friday evening Sam called Larry at his home. The phone was ringing and there was no answer. Sam decided to go to Larry’s house on Saturday. Larry’s neighbor called Sam on Saturday morning at 10 am. He said he knocked Larry’s door and there was no answer. The newspapers have not been picked up from the patio.

Since the neighbor had the extra key to Larry’s house, Sam asked him to open the door. After 10 minutes Larry’s neighbor called Sam and informed him that Larry and his mother are dead. There is blood all over the house. Sam asked the neighbor to call the police and rushed there.

To end this post, this is what happened. The visitors who came to see him in the hospital were scolding him as to what would happen to his aged mother if he committed suicide. This was a very poor judgement on the part of the visitors. Since Larry was already depressed and loved his mother, he was worried so much about the fate of his mother in case he should die naturally or commit suicide. He finally decided to kill his own mother, before taking his life, so that she would not suffer or become a helpless orphan after his death. So on Friday he took a claw hammer (a sharp V shaped at the end) and hit his mother forcefully in the back of her head several times. Blood was forced out of her head. There were blood marks on the ceiling, on the window screen, and on the side lamp shade. She died.

Larry then went to his room. Took a blade and cut the veins in his hands, legs, and neck. He also died 20 minutes later.

This is not a fiction. This is a true story. Larry and Sam worked in our Company. I have changed the real names to protect their privacy. Couple of days later Sam came to see me and told me the whole story. I said Larry made the wrong decision to kill his mother. Even if it was right in his mind, I told Sam, he could have put a bullet into her head as opposed to beating her forcefully in the back of her head several times. Sam just wept.

The lesson: When we visit someone who is very sick, we should say some encouraging words. We should not depress more a person who is already depressed.

Monday, April 19, 2021


Thalaikoothal is a Tamil word.  English translation is Senicide.  Killing of elderly people by the relatives.  It is an involuntary euthanasia.  When an elderly person becomes very sick, the relatives (mostly children) perform Thalaikoothal so he/she dies peacefully.

Some do it so the elderly person does not suffer a lot.  Some others do it because they don’t have money to take care of them or for operation. Village people think it is mercy killing.

I was surprised to see this is being practiced in villages in Tamil Nadu. This is illegal but still practiced in Tamil Nadu.

I came to know about this when I was watching a Tamil documentary type movie in Amazon Prime.  The movie is titled Baaram (Burden). Watched it last night. Very disturbing.  Could not eat dinner.

They say there are 26 different methods to do Senicide.  Most popular is giving cold water massage on the head of the elderly person and then giving him coconut water.  This will reduce the body temperature sufficient enough to cause heart failure.  In Tamil language, Thalai means head.  I don't know what is the meaning of Koothal.

In this movie, the guy was injected with poison.

Wonder why the Indian Government is not going after the culprits.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Great Indian Kitchen

This is not  a movie review but my own thoughts

A friend suggested I see this Malayalam movie, The Great Indian Kitchen.  To put it mildly I was shocked and stunned.  Having lived my entire adult life in USA, I could not believe this was happening in an educated family in India.

Nimisha Sanjayan is a dancer and brought up in Bahrain.  She gets into an arranged marriage with a teacher in Kerala.  Her in law home is a patriarchal family.  She tries very hard to adjust and be submissive.  But they test her patience.

Don’t want to give the end of the story.

The movie is directed by Jeo Baby.

The actress Nimisha Sanjayan did not just act.  She becomes a real submissive housewife.  She tries to adjust to their whims and fancies.  But she can tolerate only so much.

She tolerates some of the disgusting things:

The husband and father in law eat and spit the waste all over the dining table.  She has to eat there after men finished eating.  But when they go to a restaurant, the husband shows good table manners.  The wife asks him about it.  The husband gets made and ask her to apologize.

The father in law is a cunning character.  He asks her not to cook rice in a gas stove.  He wants his rice cooked only in fire.  He does not like his clothes washed in a washing machine.  He asks the daughter in law to wash his clothes by hand.

I don’t even want to go about her sufferings during her monthly period time.  She should be away from everyone else.  In fact, it was suggested she should not sleep in a bed.  She should sleep on the floor.

The movie is not about the “great” Indian kitchen.  It is about the Indian domestic slavery.  It is about a wife who is a cook, cleaner, and a sex slave.

Excellent movie.  Everyone should watch this.  Orthodox patriarchal families should learn a lesson.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sad Story

I was reading about Jagdish Chandra Bose.  He was a biologist, physicist, and botanist.  He had so many discoveries.  But was disinterested in patenting and commercializing.  Therefore Mr. Bose never patented any of his discoveries.

I then remembered a very sad story.   Here it is.

Robert William Kearns (1927 to 2005).  He invented the intermittent wiper systems (popularly known as delayed wiper) for automobiles.  He filed for patent in December 1964.

Mr. Kearns approached the Big Three automakers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler for licensing his technology.  All 3 rejected his proposal.  Yet, they started to install this delayed wiper system in their automobiles beginning 1969.

He filed a lawsuit against these 3 companies.  He was a poor man with no money to pay lawyers.  So, he acted as his own attorney.  Automobile companies had big name attorneys.  They dragged this case for many years.

Case against Ford Motor company lasted from 1978 to 1990.  He asked for $395 million.  Court awarded him $10.2 million.  Chrysler case lasted from 1982 to 1992.  Court awarded him $18.7 million.

Kearns filed lawsuits against Ford, Porsche, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls Royce Motors, Saab, Toyota, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz.   Several cases were dismissed after Kearns missed deadlines in other filing papers. 

In fighting these cases, almost all his money was spent on legal fees.

Kearns died in 2005 as a poor man living in a one bed room flat.

His life was made into a movie Flash of Genius.

Let us assume if these automobile manufacturers were honest and paid him at least $1.00 per wiper.  Think for a minute how many cars were sold in this world from 1969 to date.  At an average of 50 million cars in a year, he would have earned $2.6 Billion.