Sunday, August 25, 2019

Strange But A True Story

Her name was Sivasli. She was 41 years old. Teacher. She fell in love with a married man. After a few years, he left her. Sivasli could not bear the loss of her lover. She was dejected. She wanted to commit suicide.
But she did not have the guts to commit suicide. She thought about how to end her life. Then she had a "brilliant" idea. She hired a “hit man” to kill her. Contacted the hit man. Money was negotiated. Sivasli paid him the full amount to kill her.
The first time the hit man saw Sivasli, he fell in love with her. Her beauty, her charm, her grace—all affected his mind. He did not want to kill her. He pleaded with her not to take her life. He told her he is in love with her and would take care of her. But Sivasli was firm in her mind to die.
One day, she pressured him to kill her. One time the hit man tried to strangle her. But couldn’t do it when she started turning red.
Then she bought a gun and gave it to him to kill her. When they met one night, she told him “if you really love me, please kill me.” He put a pillow on her face and shot her twice on the pillow. He thought she would not die. Called the emergency line and fled the scene.
Police and ambulance came. Unfortunately, she died while paramedics were trying to save her when they got to her house.
She died in Istanbul on April 21.
PS:  While I feel really sorry for Sivasli, this would make a good story for the Indian movies.   They would change the ending as if they happily lived ever after.