Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ilavu Katha Kili

Fellow Blogger and Friend, Raji Muthukrishnan, wrote an excellent explanation of what “Ilavu Katha Kili” means. She wrote the following:

“There was once a parrot which sat on a tree and watched its blossoms turn into shining green fruits. The parrot waited and waited for them to ripen to take its first bite from the fruits. Alas, the fruits never turned yellow or red, but dried into brown crisp pods, finally bursting and revealing inside – white inedible cotton. 

This tree in the story is called the ‘ilavan’ tree and the cotton is called ‘ilavan panju’ – what I am told is the silk cotton. The unfruitful wait of the parrot gave rise to the phrase in Thamizh ‘ilavu katha kili’ – the parrot that waited in vain.” 

Rajnikanth announced he will not enter electoral politics due to his health condition. Hope this is true. 

Since 1996, he has been giving indications that he will enter electoral politics every time a new movie of his was about to be released. He did this as a publicity for his new movies. He did this to hype up his fans. Hearing that news his fans will go bonkers. 

Rajnikanth also had punch dialogues in his movies about his political entry. Here are a few samples. 

Naan eppo varuven, epdi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu. Aana vara vendiya nerathula correcta vandhuduven (No one can tell when or how I'll arrive, but when the time is right I will be there.) 

Kannaaa panniga thaa kutama varu singam singala tha varum (Only pigs come in herds. The lion always comes alone) 

Pera kettaale chumma adhirudhulla? (Doesn't everything quake at the mere mention of my name?). 

He is right now shooting a new movie “Annaathe”. Is this announcement a publicity stunt? I don’t know. I hope not. 

So people of Tamil Nadu are now ilavu katha kili. Waited for 25 years and he never entered electoral politics. After giving indications many times he finally said "NO".  The blossom finally burst.  The parrot (people of Tamil Nadu) waited in vain for 25 years.

If this is his true statement, I wish him speedy recovery and a long life.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hair Cutting Episode

There is lot a of confusion during this corona virus pandemic,  The California State Government is changing the rules on a daily basis.  For example, they allowed restaurants to have patio seating and all of a sudden stopped it without any notice.

Something interesting happened yesterday when I went for cutting my hair.  For many years I go for my hair cut with a national franchise.  There are a few advantages.  They have your details including what type of hair cut you want and which numbered machine they should use on you.  This is useful no matter which city you go to.  Give your phone number and they have the whole hair cutting history about you.  They would even say "Sir, this is your 10th hair cut and therefore it is free" or "Sir, you are our 50th customer today and therefore it is free".

I looked in the Google and there are 5 national franchise branches in my area.  4 of them were closed. 1 mentioned it is open from 9 am to 6 pm and will not accept online check-in.  I went there and it was closed.  There was no one in that salon.  I checked the next door food deli and he said the orders came this morning to close the hair cutting salons.

I came home.  A friend called me for a different purpose.  I told him what happened.  He gave the name of a non-franchise independently owned barber shop and said they are open. 

This time I wanted to make sure they are open.  Therefore, I called them.  A Vietnamese girl answered.  She said they are open but it is by appointment only. I asked her to give me an appointment right now.  It was 2:30 PM.    She said she could give me an appointment at 4:30 pm.  I agreed.  I went to that shop at 4:30 pm.  It was locked.   I called and she answered.  She asked me to come to the back alley door. I go to the backside and she opened the door to let me in.

I was wondering why she asked me to come thru the backdoor. Is she doing her business illegally when the Government has asked every hair cutting place to close?  Or, she never got the message?  I still don't know.

She did an excellent job, better than the national franchise.  With my receding hairline, national franchise salons take only about 8 minutes to fix my hair.  This girl took 20 minutes.

End of story.