Friday, May 29, 2020

Customer Service?

It is a known fact that, in general, customer service is one of the best in USA. If you want to return a purchase even after using that for a month, no question will be asked. You can cancel an order at anytime you want. Even if they have shipped it, they will take it back.

But, of course, there are exceptions. I recently came across one.

I was looking for a steal wok ring.

The price at Walmart was $7.99 with free shipping charges. I looked at a store named Webstaurant. The price was $5.29. It was my mistake I did not check the shipping charges. I ordered the item at 11 pm a few days ago. Within 2 minutes of my sending the order I checked the order confirmation and it said the shiping charges are $18.53. I was shocked. Could not believe shipping charges of $18.53 on a $5.29 item.

I immediately called the company. Since it was almost midnight, no one was working. Therefore, I wrote an email canceling my order.

I received an email the next morning at 7 am informing me the order has been shipped. I could not believe it. They have a huge announcement that most of their employees are working from home due to Covid-19. Was wondering who went to their office before 7 am and shipped my purchase immediately on a priority basis.

I wrote them an email regarding that. They replied that since the order has been shipped, I have to pay the return postage charges. In addition, I have to pay 30% restocking fees.

I immediately called my credit card company and disputed the charges. Credit card companies are very customer friendly. They said they will make a stop payment on that.

I checked with Federal Express thru whom the company sent my item. They said I can refuse to accept that item and they will return it to the sender. Supposed to be delivered on June 1. Will wait and see.

I then checked with that Company’s customer reviews. Many of them have similar complaints. Exorbitant shipping charges. When called them, they were told the order has been shipped.

Lesson learned: If an item is very cheap, check the shipping charges. Read the customer reviews before ordering anything from a vendor.

Friday, May 22, 2020

You Have A Problem?

This morning Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden told a black radio host: “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” I was stunned by that statement. I think it is an insult to any thinking person. 

This one statement from Biden makes Trump’s efforts to win again in November very easy. Trump’s campaign will take Biden’s message to every nook and corner of this country. I cannot wait to see the debate between Trump and Biden. It will be fun and entertaining. 

What would be the reaction in India if Mr. Modi said: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for BJP or Congress Party, then you ain’t Hindu”. 


What would be the reaction in India if Mrs. Gandhi said: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for Congress Party or BJP, then you ain’t a Moslem”. 

No one should vote based on their race or religion. 

I am sure CNN will try to bury this news with some other useless information. 

And, Fox News will never let people forget Biden’s message. 

I think the bigwigs in the Democratic Party are looking for a candidate to replace Biden during their convention in Wisconsin in July.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Schwarzenegger Letter

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican and was Governor of California. Tom Ammiano was a member of the California State Assembly. They both did not get along well. In fact, hated each other. There was a bill introduced by Tom in the California Assembly and was passed. It was sent to the Governor for his signature. He declined to sign that into law and sent it back to the Assembly without his signature.

Schwarzenegger's battles with the state legislature are epic. But this just goes way beyond epic. While declining he wrote the following cover letter.

His explanation for rejecting the bill seems very harmless. But it was like a Da Vinci code message that reveals the Governor's true feelings.  Take a look at it closely. Please notice the first letter of every line after “I am returning the Assembly Bill…..” It spells Fxxx Yxx. It was his way of getting back at Tom. Arnold denied, while in office, it was intentional. After he left the office, he admitted the truth. It was a message to Tom and not to the entire Assembly.

This is not a jovial fake letter.   Please google it to find out.