Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So…did you read the news about that 19 year old kid from Lucknow who was searching for a better twitter handle and he accidentally got @PMOIndia?  Apparently this handle was “available” when the old PMO folks reset their handle from @PMOIndia to @PMOIndiaArchive.  After a while, the people at twitter corrected this by taking away @PMOIndia from the kid and gave him back his old handle.
The kid’s name is Qaiser Ali and he seems to be a good kid.  His parents told him to apologize, which he did.  But then again, there is no need for him to apologize.  What did he really do that required an apology?
Qaiser Ali was the proud owner of @PMOIndia for 30 minutes.  In those 30 minutes, he didn’t really do anything wrong.  Now what could he have done wrong if he wanted to be “funny” or “scandalous” – PLENTY!  30 minutes is a long time to do some damage – if he wanted to do so.  Here is my imagination.  (This is a tongue in cheek post attempting to be humorous.)
Barrack Obama’s Indian Visa has been cancelled. #Payback!
Cricket is now our national bug. #BestInTheWorld
Our navy is on the way to Sri Lanka for a naval blockade. #NoMatchForUs
Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have been declared persona non grata. #GoodbyeNehruFamily
The Prime Minister’s term limit is 2 terms. #NothingisForever
All other elected official’s term limit is 3 terms. #Generous
Petrol price has been reduced to Re.1 per liter. #Fillerup
I am repealing everything that was done in the past 10 years. #BecauseICan
I just put an end to the entire caste system. #CastIs4BrokenBones
All corrupt and incompetent babus will be fired immediately. #WayTooMany
Will build a Ram Temple on the Chinese border in Arunachal Pradesh.
#TakeThatChina #PakGetReadyYoureNext
Reduced the minimum age for “youth wing” of any political party from 70 to 65.
All rapists will be first shot dead and then they will be asked why they did it.
(Yikes! 29 minutes and 30 seconds have gone by.  Only 30 seconds left for one last tweet.)
Just ordered that Robert Vadra always gets strip searched at every airport.
#Idiot  #Controversy  #DeportHimNow

Now, do you want to add anything?  Don't be shy.   Please write here.  Thanks.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My View of the Indian Election

Now that the results are out in the Indian election, here are my views.  Just my own personal views.
Glad BJP won absolute majority.  They need not depend on regional parties to form the government and thus succumb to their blackmail.
Glad Congress lost.  People taught them a good lesson.
Glad Sonia and Rahul won.  If they had lost, it would have been a sudden death with no pain.  Their win will make them sit in the opposition (facing Narendra Modi) is analogues to painful slow death.
Disappointed ADMK had a huge victory, making it the 3rd largest party in the Lok Sabha.
Happy ADMK’s 37 seats are of no use to Mr. Modi.
Sorry for the “win” of all movie/sports people contestants.
Happy for the “defeat” of all movie/sports contestants.
Sorry Arun Jaitely lost.
Happy Kapil Sibal lost.
Sorry Nandan Nilekani lost.  Right man in the wrong party.
FYI.  Dr. J. Jayavardhan  (ADMK) won from Central Chennai.  He is only 26 years old.

Sorry Vaiko lost.  Excellent spell bound orator – both in English and Tamil.  But always make the wrong decision at the right time.
In USA, the newly elected President will appoint as ministers a few capable persons from the opposition party.  Same way, I would like Mr. Modi appoint a few capable ministers from the opposition parties.
I don’t think there is any law that says you should select people from your own party as ministers.  Am I correct?
Do you have any “happy” and/or “sorry” from these election results?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Fiction 55

We were in the checkout line at the local grocery store. Two identical twins, in their twin stroller, were making loud notice.  The dad was trying to calm them.  Asked the dad if they are “twins”? The dad replied “nope”.  He left the line and back with a stroller with another kid and said “triplet”.
(This is a true story happened a few weeks ago.)