Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funny Names

Recently I came across some names that sounded funny. I thought I would share with you those names.

One of the pitchers for Philadelphia Phillies (Baseball Team in USA) is named Antonio Bastardo.

Then there was the famous German mathematician, Rudolph Lipschitz. The Lipschitz Continuity Condition is named after him.

In England, a family’s last name is Hore. Think of the redicule the women in that family have gone through. Very sad.

I saw this name in the facebook. Adam Baum.

Dr. & Dr. Doctor. In the web I noticed 2 couples with the last name Doctor. All of them are real doctors. Dr. Judith Klein Doctor and her husband Dr. Leslie C. Doctor practice in Connecticut. Dr. Dipika D. Doctor and her husband Dr. Dilip S. Doctor practice in the State of New York.

There is an actress-model in USA. Her name is Paige Turner.

If you have come across any funny name, please let me know. Thanks.

I will be off on vacation and back on June 20th.

Take care.


  1. Hey SG,

    Funny read...here are a few more I knew in high school and college:

    Somchit Sithandone (Some S--T Sitting Down)
    Brothers Hoa and Moa
    Sisters La and Ha
    My bro's roommate Ufuk (pronounced Oo-Fook)
    A girl named Bich (pronounced Bick)

    My own real name is a strange one. My last name sounds like "go in the garage."


  2. Welcome to Shoot the Breeze. The names you have mentioned are real funny. "Go in the garage"? Hmmm.

  3. Funny indeed.An Indian surname I can recall now - "Furniturewalah" meaning 'furniture man'
    Incidentally the person owns a chain of stores selling furniture.

  4. Welcome to Shoot the Breeze. Yep, furniturewalah is a funny name. I have heard of a Indian cricket player named Contractor.

  5. hiiii

    first tym on ur blog .the post is very interesting. :)

    I had a classmate whose name was 'unique sobti' ...!!

  6. Hi AS. Welcome to Shoot the Breeze. Thanks for your comments. Unique Sobti? Very unique name. Just came back from a vacation to London and Venice.

  7. A few more I remembered...

    Tara White and Tara Black were friends from school. What makes it really interesting is that Tara White is a black girl and Tara Black is a white girl.

  8. That is real funny JaGo. I just remembered there is a professional basketball player in USA. His original name is Lloyd Bernard Free. He changed his name to World B. Free.

  9. hehehe i am reminded of this scene in the movie sharabi where amitabh bachan wishes to marry a girl because her surname is daruwala :) and he is hooked to daru...tapwala, burfiwala, bootwala are some really funny surnames i have come across :)

  10. Thanks Gayathri. They are real funny names.

  11. Who Posted This?July 6, 2009 at 4:09 PM

    Yes, those are some funny names indeed.
    Boy am I glad that I don't have a funny name name like that.

    Ben Dover and Mike Hunt

  12. Hey Mike,

    How is your brother York doing?

  13. i need not tell u abt russell peters..
    if u still dont know.. lemme give u the 2 names..
    hardick- hard dick
    ramandeep - ram in deep..


  14. "Go in the garage" sounds like govindarajan... hmm...