Sunday, September 6, 2009

One of the Biggest BS

Venkat and Sakthi loved each other. Due to some unfortunate circumstances they could not marry each other. Venkat marries Kanchana. Sakthi marries Nakulan. Kanchana and her family and Nakulan and his family know about the past love affair between Venkat and Sakthi.

After the marriage, Venkat and Sakthi secretly meet very often and that too in shady locations. At one time, they booked a room in a lodge and met there. A bad guy takes pictures of both of them together and sends via cell phone to every one.

Nakulan and his family ask Sakthi several times as to what is happening. She says there is nothing going on between her and Venkat and she will tell the reason for those meetings at a later suitable time. One day Nakulan visits Sakthi in her office and she was not at work. Gone to see Venkat. Nakulan’s family pleaded with Sakthi to tell them what is happening. Sakthi refused to tell. So they threw her out of the house in the middle of the night.

Sakthi goes to her mother’s home. Her mother begged her to tell what is happening. All Sakthi would say “believe me amma”. Her mother asked if she is willing to destroy her married life for whatever reason she is meeting secretly Venkat. All Sakthi would say is when the time comes she will explain everything.

Sakthi’s mother is crying day and night that her daughter’s life is doomed. Sakthi’s mother goes to Nakulan’s house asking for a pardon for her daughter. Nakulan grabs her by the neck and throw her out of the house. Sakthi came to know this. But still will not tell anyone why she is secretly meeting her ex-lover Venkat.

In the mean time, Venkat’s wife Kanchana also got suspicious. But Venkat told her that the pictures were not original and they were altered pictures. Venkat’s father-in-law and mother-in-law were furious at Venkat and Sakthi. Venkat’s father-in-law met Sakthi and told her to stop it. She said we are not doing anything wrong. But what are you both doing? I will tell when the time comes.

Another day Nakulan visited his wife Sakthi in the office. There he saw Sakthi and Venkat in a cozy conversation in a private room. Nakulan goes there and asks both of them what is happening. They both said nothing is happening and they will tell when the time comes. Then Nakulan manhandled Venkat and others have to come and break the fight. Nakulan is getting ready to send a divorce notice to Sakthi.

Why Sakthi will not tell anyone what is happening. Not even her husband. Not even her own mother. For whatever she is doing she is prepared to lose her husband and married life.

Finally the answer came. Venkat and Sakthi were arranging for Venkat’s sister’s wedding. The sister ran away from home with her boy friend. Venkat and Sakthi “promised” her they won’t tell any one until the marriage ceremony is over.

My foot. One of the biggest BS. The above is from a TV serial. The director thinks the audiences are idiots. May be we are. Otherwise, why are we watching these serials.

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  2. I dunno how to react...

    ok, poor u to have tolerated this crappy serial...bu u have made it a nice at ur presentation..:)

  3. hahaha...maybe the audience are!!
    They show what people want them to show!!

  4. Thanks for your comments Neha. This is one of our ways to keep in touch with what is happening in the Indian TV.

  5. Thanks for your comments Nazish. You are right. If the audience reject these types of serials, they would not show these types of serials.

  6. Nice post. I have a question. This posting's title is for the serial you watched or for the award you got? ha ha ha. I am just joking. Do not take it seriously.

  7. I read the story with a baited breath..what will come out which is so important that they are ready to destroy everything......thoroughly dissappointe..TV serials are all trash..even the famous hindi ones..where in all the problems its heroines who do all the things, go out at night all the time as if men are capable of nothing ...I dont watch the serials at all.

  8. hoho!! What a plot sirji! I wonder how you could sit through the touture... and btw was it an Ekta Kapoor ki aag!! LOL!!

    these serial makes are such dumb or rather they think the audience is dumber. Its sad that prime time slots are wasted for these meaningless crap on national tv! There was a time when serials used to be a family affair. Stuff like Zabaan Sambhalke, Nukkad, Circus, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Tehkikaat..ahh!! so much fun and rational!!!

    Gone are those days!!!


  9. Hey! :) what a plot!! seriously!! Crazy story writers. I have such serials on in full blast at our home too.. with MIL crying when some1 in Tv cries, laughing when some1 laughs( god knows why!!) .. Anyway good read.

    N thanks for the lovely award :) I am honoured. I'll pass it on to 5 bloggers in some time :)

  10. They have to meet at a lodge to keep their "promise" to the sister???
    She has to be thrown out of her house at midnight???
    It doesn't get cornier than that, does it?

  11. I don't know what to comment. You watched this thing throughout? And I bet that this particular plot ran for around 2-3 keep the viewer at the edge of the seat!!

    Is this what the viewers want to see? Maybe, that is why they feed these sort of BS.

  12. Thank you very much SG for my first online award.

    I am so very honored :-)

  13. For a moment I thought you were narrating some incidents about your friends or something.
    This is really funny.Even more funny is that we poor viewers lap these serials up. And have you seen the jewellery the women wear all the time? Even in bed. Awesome.
    May be we really are idiots.

  14. Forgot to congratulate you on the award.
    Congrats! May you win many such mores.

  15. Ah....soap-operas always annoy me so much. The directors and the story-writers are so creativity at all:(
    I agree with Rammy. Old serials with only 13 episodes were so cool. No modern serial can beat them. Well written..keep it up!
    SHUKRIYA for my first blog award.It boosts up the confidence a lot. Congrats to you too:) Party??
    Thanks a lot!!

  16. Laughed reading this :) First time visit here.. I kept thinking it was a true story but so much like a cinema.. turned out i was close ;) very well-written.

  17. That's a good one Vivek. I know you are only joking. I very well understand. Don't worry.

  18. Thanks for your comments Renu. I agree with you 100%.

  19. Thanks for your comments RaMmY. As you said all these serials are meaningless crap. This particular one is a Tamil TV Serial titled "Sivasakthi", produced by Home Media Prodcer Sujatha Vijay Kumar.

  20. Thanks for your comments Shruti. They will go on and on for years. When they decide to end the serial, they will "fix" all the problems in 2 episodes.

  21. Thanks for your comments Jayashree. As per the story (told after the sister's marriage) they went to the lodge because the sister and her fiance were staying there. (But did not show them)

  22. Thanks for your comments Insignia. We don't watch it live. We record it in the DVR and play it afterwards. This way we can fast forward and skip all the advertisement. In a 30 minute serial, 18 minutes are for the ads. Also, some scenes where it takes for the heroine 10 minutes to come down the steps..we fast forward the DVR.

  23. Thanks for your comments Aparna. Yes, I have noticed the jewellery they wear all the time..even in bed.

    There are so many idiotic things in these serials. Just one example. Phone call will come. So and so is in the hospital. They won't even ask the name of the hospital. Take a car or auto and rush to the hospital. Is there only one hospital in Mumbai or Chennai?

    Thanks for your congratulations Aparna.

  24. Thanks for your comments Varsha. As you said there is no creativity at all.

    Thanks for yor congratulations Varsha. Party? No problem. Giving or attending is our forte.

  25. Thanks for your comments lostworld. And, welcome to my blog.

  26. lol..why did you watch the serial, btw?..

    thanks for the award...i'm honored. :-)

  27. Thanks Titaxy. That is a good question. May be I am going insane.

  28. All the serials I get to watch are maruko chan and shin chan, at times some music on channel v and at times the sports channel..i would really curl up with a book anyday

  29. Thanks for your comments Sujata. There is nothing like reading a book.

  30. Oh yes, we are idiots. I read the story thinking that you have spun a marvellous story in lucid language.Alas, You reminded me that i am an idiot.

  31. Thanks for your comments The abstract scientist. And, welcome to my blog. We are not idiots. The director thinks we are.

  32. SG-- as mentioned, your presentation of the story was compelling and drew our attention, which is why I guess the Indian serials are so popular with certain segments of Indian population. But i believe, particularly for the younger generation, these serials aren't as popular. The most annoying part of these serials to me is the sub-standard camera angles and scenese and the over-use of loud, blaring music

  33. Thanks for your comments Apurva. My wife and I are on your side. We hate the loud background music while the conversation is going on.

  34. i found out tht it was a serial wen u said tht they threw her out of the house.. u made us idiots indeed..

  35. Yep, I was definitely hoping for a more dramatic ending! Darn it!