Saturday, February 2, 2013

Go San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, Feb 3, 2013, is SUPER BOWL in USA.  Every television will be tuned to this.  Roads will be empty with no traffic.  It is equivalent (may be more than that) to India vs. Pakistan on a T20 World Cup Final.
The game is between San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.  (Baltimore Ravens? Never heard of them son.)  This comment is for my favorite commenter in my blog, Who Posted
I am a die hard fan of San Francisco 49ers.  There are a lot of people in USA have become a fan of 49ers after they became a powerful winning team.  I was a fan of 49ers even when they were 2 wins and 14 losses in their regular games long time ago.
49ers entered the Super Bowl 5 times so far.  And, won all 5 times.  This is the 6th time they will play in Super Bowl.  They will win. No doubt about it.  Las Vegas odds gives them a “prohibitive favorite” status.  They will win for the 6th time.
Poor Baltimore Ravens.  They entered twice as “Baltimore Colts” and only won once in 1971.  Since they changed their name to “Baltimore Ravens”, they entered only once in 2001 and won.
There is an interesting news here.  In American Football, the coach is the one who decides every play and strategy.  The 49ers coach and Ravens coach are real brothers in life.  Jim Harbough and John Harbough.  Their parents have a problem.  They are struggling with which side of the playground they will sit and watch the game.
Go 49ers Go.  Annihilate the Ravens.  Sorry Mr. BIG.
In the unlikely and remote circumstances of Ravens winning, I will write a post publicly apologizing to Mr. BIG. (Mr. BIG is not the guy “Who Posted This”.   They are 2 different people.) (Mr. BIG is a 9 year old kid who is a die hard fan of the Ravens.)


  1. You just couldn't go on your vacation without talking about the Super Bowl could you?
    Especially since your favorite squad the SF 49ers are in the Super Bowl.

    You know how I feel about the San Francisco 49ers aka San Francisco Forty WHINERS!
    I hate them more than any other team in all of sports - professional or collegiate.
    I did not say the team I hate most in American football - I said that is the team I hate the most among all sports!

    I would rather chew on broken glass than cheer for them.
    I would rather have a conversation about "feelings and emotions" with my mother-in-law than have to cheer for them.
    Oh just reading about them gets me sooo frustrated - I'm more frustrated than a fat kid who has to eat salad at a birthday party instead of cake.

    It's not just the team I hate but I also hate their fans.
    When the 49ers were horrible - where were their loyal fans? Nowhere.
    When the 49ers were mediocre - where were their loyal fans? Nowhere.
    Now that they are good...all of a sudden there are a whole bunch of "loyal/longtime" 49er fans wearing their stupid Red and Gold colors.

    Where did these idiots come from? They are just a bunch of disloyal/"jump on the bandwagon" fans who only come out whenever their team plays well.
    Dallas, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Philadelphia, New York (both teams), Kansas City, and Chicago have loyal fans at all times.
    Not the 49ers fans. They are "fair weather fans" aka frontrunners who only NOW want to raise their finger and point to the sky and say "We're Number 1".

    They represent the red and gold when things are good but during the down years they run away faster than Usain Bolt.
    Yeah, I got a finger too for all the 49er fans and my finger is not saying you are #1.

    I give you credit for that SG - through thick and thin you have never wavered in your support for this pathetic team. Your loyalty is admirable...even though it is for a team that doesn't deserve it.

    Yes, Baltimore is not the favorite to win and are a clear underdog.
    But I will be with Mr. BIG tomorrow and he is wearing Baltimore colors top to bottom (Ed Reed jersey) and both of us will cheer our hearts out for Baltimore.
    Mr. BIG is a HUGE Baltimore fan...and I am a fan of anyone who plays the SF 49ers.

    Go Baltimore Ravens!

    SF 49ers favored by 5 (originally) - prediction take the points and Baltimore.
    Over/Under for the final score is 47 - prediction take the under.
    Baltimore wins 23 - 17.

    SF has been to the Super Bowl 5 times and won all 5. Can they go 6-0? Six wins and no losses?
    Nope! Get ready for 5-1.

    Let me put it in perspective of how much I hate the SF 49ers in case you haven't gotten the point yet.
    An Indian cricket fan will cheer for Pakistan to beat India before I cheer for the SF 49ers in any game.

    President and CEO of the "I HATE the San Francisco 49ers" movement
    ~ It's been 18 years since they won the Super Bowl and I still hate them!

  2. Thanks for your comments President and CEO of ?

    You can write long comments all night long. But it is only for the next 10 hours. At the end of the game, when Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) hands over the Super Bowl Trophy to Jed York (49er Owner), you will turn off the television and go to bed frustrated.

  3. Do let us know who won. I have no idea about rugby! Not sure why it is called football. Should be called handball no?

    Destination Infinity

  4. Thanks for your comments Rajesh. Rugby and American Football are similar but played under different rules. The main differences are the number of players, different equipment used, when the game starts and stops, how the ball can be advanced and the number of points a team gets after a score.

    It is called football because the game begins with a team kicking a ball by foot to the opponent’s team.

    Will certainly let you know to night who won. Go San Francisco 49ers Go.

  5. Know nothing about this game except that peoplein US are as crazy about superbowl as Indians for cricket..

  6. Thanks for your comments Renu. They are crazy.

  7. I got some important information from,though I am out of coverage area in this matter.Thank you,SG.