Monday, January 12, 2015

Checking Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a long term condition that causes high blood sugar levels.  It is estimated there are more than 400 million people with diabetes condition in the world.

Doctors ask the diabetes patients to check often their sugar levels.  Many patients have to check their sugar level several times a day.  The results help the patients and doctors to manage the sugar level.

How do we check the sugar level?  There are diabetic test meters available. You prick your finger with a small sharp needle and put a drop of blood on the test strip.   Then you put the test strip in the meter and it shows the sugar level.

Putting a needle in your finger is painful.  Lot of diabetes people do not check their sugar level because they cannot withstand the pain – prick your finger with a needle several times a day (for many people).  This results in their not controlling the sugar level effectively.

Now we have a potential solution for this.  There is a company called Freedom Meditech in USA.  They have developed a non-invasive, ophthalmic-based product to detect and manage diabetes.  It is called I-SugarX.  The I-SugarX is a handheld, ocular glucose measurement device that is intended to provide people with diabetes a convenient, pain-free, and bloodless way to monitor daily glycemic control.  It will monitor changing levels of glucose in the fluids of the eye.

Freedom Meditech will be applying for FDA  (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval for this product soon.

Last year, they got FDA approval for another product and it is already in the Market.  It is called CLEARPATH DS-120.   It is a non-invasive medical device used to detect ocular degradations that may cause blindness, cataract or other chronic disease due to elevated fluorescence in the lens of the eye measured against age related fluorescence.

I think in a few years this I-SugarX will be a welcome device for all those who are in need of checking their sugar level.  It is non-invasive and painless.  We all can throw away the needles and the strips.

(Per U.S. Law, I have to disclose here that I own shares in this Company.)


  1. Very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have an acquaintance with high sugar levels..He Has a pouch kind of thing fixed for the day on his waist belt for the day which keeps his sugar levels as per needs.

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  2. Thanks for your comments Mr. Chowla. I think what you are referring to is the insulin pump pouch. This one is for measuring blood sugar levels.

  3. Thanks for sharing... This was quite informative!

  4. If this device is accurate, I am sure it will be useful to many diabetics patients around the world. I just wish such useful technologies are open sourced so that they can be manufactured and distributed for a lower cost in developing countries. With scale, it should be possible by this company too.

    Destination Infinity

  5. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I happen to know someone who had to check their levels many times a day and I totally could relate to what you said about them avoiding that because they can't withstand the pain.

  6. wow that would be so helpful for keeping a track of sugar level. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Our family has many diabetics! This information sounds great! We will keep an eye on this product when it comes to market. Thank you, SG!

  8. one of my aunts has severe diabetes . This will help her a lot! thanks for sharing :D

  9. I hope they will approve it sooner. I know a lot of people checking their sugars all day. I feel for them.

  10. Oh, this is news to me.
    I do know that orbital fluids are least affected by external factors - which is why they are of most importance in autopsy cases.
    As for daily control, there are derma-strips which can measure capillary blood sugar.
    Also, for early diagnosis, micro-albumin in urine is a sensitive test.
    Keep us updated on newer products - we are definitely moving to a newer era.

  11. Great invention! Thanks for this useful article SG.
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  12. This is informative, thanks for sharing.

  13. This is interesting. I am a Bio-Medical Engineering (to be), we study and aim to invent devices like these.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  14. It will be a boon for diabetic patients. It is very useful that you share some unique items.Nice.

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