Monday, September 14, 2015

Spam Mails

When we receive useless mails in the “spam” section of our emails, what do we do? We just delete them. I also do the same most of the times. But sometimes, when I am really pissed off, I reply them. Yes, I really reply for that spam email. But, till date, I have not got any reply.

Here are a few spam emails I replied:

Your loan for $1000 ready.
I thought I applied for a loan of $100 million. Please check my application.

Your credit card application approved for $2500,
My application was for $250 million, Please revisit my application.

Did you see my picture? You want to see me?
No because you are so ugly you scare the roaches away.

We will give you cash for your ideas.
I have developed a new method to boil water. How much money I can get?

You can save thousands a year and refinance now – if your home loan is $525,000 or less.
Oh Gosh. I just missed. My home loan is $526,000.

Anything Extraordinary is approximately to Afflict You.
I don’ want approximately. I want exact. Otherwise, get lost.

Your recent application was received and may be available for a larger amount than previously requested!
When did I request? Give me the details.

My name is Angela Howard, I live in your city. Just to tell you if you are looking for opportunity or career Click HERE.
Opportunity for what?

Do you already have a insurance for you or your family?
If you guess correctly, I will send you $1.

Have you ever replied to any spam mail?


  1. No, I have never done that! But now, I feel like doing it, like you have done! Hilarious!

  2. I have never replied.. But i have to tell you that your responses are smart!

  3. LOL. I guess it should be fun for them also, to receive such mails :) Many years back, when I just started my email account, I remember replying to one mail from Nigeria advising them against transferring some million dollars to my account :P

    Destination Infinity

  4. I get such spam mails too but I never give such awesome replies! :D

  5. I get twenty of such mails everyday but never replied...

  6. @Sandhya

    Thanks for your comments. I do not reply to spam mails. I just delete them. On rare occasions, I reply to piss them off..

  7. Haha.. I have never replied to any spam mails so far. These replies are very funny SG :)

  8. Right response full of fun.I usually delete and such messages come in phone too.

    1. @Ash

      Thanks for your comments. I do not reply to spam mails. I just delete them. On rare occasions, I reply to piss them off..

  9. Some are hilarious (the replies)
    But this goes to prove that they don't check the replies they get. Maybe some one is engaged to send them in bulk, knowing that no one is going to reply. So what is the point in this exercise (sending spam mails) Really baffles me.
    And then there is this other sect who say "send this to 10 people and see what happens........"

  10. Ha haa haa :D Very funny answers :D Enjoyed this post very much. If I would see spam e mails hereafter, I am sure to remember this post of yours :) No, I haven't replied to any spam e mails so far.

  11. This is the right way to response on spam mails...

  12. Just yest I was thinking of replyng to some mail with subj Your loan is approved :D
    this is hilarious and gives break to monotony of spam :)

  13. though i know most of these spams are from automatic / not-monitored address, I would like to some time make those creating such span to sit in front spam messages [infinite numbers] and make them read.. :)))

    1. @Haddock

      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you liked this post.

  14. I have a special email address, which i put on every website where they ask for one .. but inspite of that I get all sorts all the time ..

    these days its the CLC resorts that is pounding my inbox ..


  15. LOL :D Those are some funny replies. :)
    And replying to spam mails is really cool :D

  16. Lol...very funny reading those replies. I guess most of the spam mails are automated. I rarely look into my spams folder and replying I never even thought of that.

  17. You have a brilliant sense of humor SG :D