Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Last Week At The DMV

I was at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to register my car. Two interesting things happened and I want to share with you.
Item Number One. I had to wait for 2 hours because that office was over crowded. I was watching people. There were lot of people taking written test to get driver’s license. The written test is taken on a computer terminal. Simple common sense multiple choice questions. There are 10 computer terminals. Only the person who takes the test should be in that area.
There was an Indian lady taking that written test. But an Indian male was standing next to her. I don’t know if he was a friend or relative. He was helping her answer the questions, which is a no no. I was just watching. After a few minutes, a DMV employee, who was watching the test takers, went there and asked the “helper” to get away from that area.
I got my work done and came out of the DMV office.
Item Number Two. I pulled my car out of the parking lot and was getting out. It was a one way parking lot. A car came into the parking lot from the opposite side (illegal). I stopped my car. That car also stopped. I rolled out my window and told the other driver that this is one way and she is driving on the wrong side. Also told her to back up so I can go out of the parking lot.
Looked at the driver. She was an Indian lady. I assume she must be a FOB*. There was an Indian male sitting in the passenger seat. She yelled she does not care if it is one way or not and she is going to come this way anyway. I told her since my car is facing her car, she cannot park anywhere unless I move my car. She did not say anything. Also, did not move her car backwards. (I said she may be a FOB because ABCD**s and Long Time Residents of Indian Origin always follow the road rules in USA.)
After a few minutes, I backed up my car and squeezed thru a little space available between her car and the parked cars. While crossing her car, I stopped on the side of her car. Rolled my window down and yelled a few expletives.
She looked stunned. Probably did not expect this kind of bad words from an Indian origin guy. She did not say a word. Looked away.
I drove out of the parking lot.
*FOB = Fresh Off the Boat
*ABCD = American Born Confused Desi


  1. Trouble at the DMV?
    Better than trouble with the DMV...

    Enzo Amore

    1. Thanks for your comments Enzo. I know you have 2 strange jobs. They both are unrelated. You are an American rapper and a professional wrestler. But your behavior at the DMV is even more stranger.

      The DMV in the state of Delaware is right in asking you to change your signature in your DMV license which looks sexually suggestive. You pervert.

  2. Item 1 - No idea why he was standing beside her he could have taken it herself lol...too much trouble standing beside

    Item 2 - sadly not all FOBs are the same some think because they are in USA they need to act all badass...too bad they S*** at it

    Your Friend
    FOB aka Dee

    1. Thanks for your comments Anon (aka Dee). You not a FOB. After living here for more than 18 years, you are a long time resident. Also, I have seen you drive. You follow all the road rules.

  3. I felt good when you said that you gave your mind to her while leaving. She deserves it.

    1. Thanks for your comments Sandhya. I am glad you felt good. Also, she deserved it. It is her lucky day because there was no police officer nearby at that moment.

  4. People have the audacity to break the rules and still act like they did the right thing. This happens a lot in India. They need to be disciplined, like how you did.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Both the incidents do not show the individuals in good light.Character is what you are in dark.That there is no enforcing official,does not permit unethical behaviour

  6. Indians try to cheat and find shortcuts everywhere. That is pure cheating - they should have disqualified her from the test or something. (the first woman).
    The rule breaking woman - some people think they are above law or something. she deserves to be reprimanded.

  7. I don't know if I should be stereotyping, but it didn't of course miss my attention that they both were Indians. What's surprising is that they both were not in India.

  8. That is an Indian. 'Ego' of no worth. She invited trouble. Nice post.