Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Play

Stanford won today against Cal Bears with a comfortable margin of 23 to 13.
Thank God they did not have to send their Marching Band into the field to stop Cal Bears from winning the game as in 1982. HeHeHe.
It was November 20, 1982. Stanford against Cal at the Cal Berkeley Stadium. Stanford Cardinals were leading 20-19 with only 4 seconds to play. The Cardinals flooded the field to celebrate and the referee ushered them back to the bench.
Now with only 4 seconds left, Cal had possession of the ball.
Stanford’s band, assuming their team has already won, started marching into the field. The Cal Bears made several backward/lateral pass among their players and ran through the Stanford Band to make a Touch Down and win the game 25-20.
This last play by Cal Bears on that day (November 20, 1982) is the called “The Play”,
“The Play,” as it became known remains one of the most famous in college football history.   Here is the YouTube of that last play.


  1. Great play!
    Great play by play announcer (Joe Starkey)!
    Greatest all-time finish for a game!
    But...but...but...who was the team leader / quarterback of that 1982 losing team? He was playing his very last college football game...and it had to end like this!!!!
    I wonder what ever happened to that losing QB after college?

    John Elway

    1. Thanks for your comments John. You are very humble. On that day you were that losing quarterback playing for Stanford. You became one of the greatest professional American football players of all time. When you came out of college, you were offered multi million dollar contract from the Denver Broncos football team and the same multi million dollar contract by the New York Yankees Baseball Ball Team. You were an excellent college player in both American Football and Baseball. And, you chose American Football for your professional career.

  2. LOL :) I was reminded of a few hockey matches where India lost to many countries in the last few minutes, after being in a lead position.

    Destination Infinity

  3. Very interesting and amusing end to the match!

  4. So the tortoise won the race eventually, though the hare got ready to celebrate the victory. Nice.