Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Michael Jackson’s memorial service is set to be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this coming Tuesday, July 7th, at 10 am. Look at the bizarre things happening regarding his funeral.

There is news going around that those who want to attend the memorial service should buy tickets for $25.00 each.

Some people are saying that the tickets will be issued free of charge. However, those who get those tickets may sell them for a profit.

If there are too many people want to attend, then there is a plan to have 2 memorial services, one at 10 am and another at 12 noon.

What is this tamasha surrounding his funeral/memorial service!

It is a funeral. The poor man is gone and people want to mourn him. This is not his final concert to sell tickets.

Disgusting. Give him some privacy for the last time.


  1. Disgusting. The tickets have already hit the EBay. As per one ad, if you want to "buy it now", it will cost $8,000.00.

  2. Thanks Vivek. It is disgusting.

  3. Heights of human insensitivity. I saw a recent news report that his death has 'revived' LA economy. Of my! how can people be so very cold?

  4. Thanks Insignia. This is the world we live in.

  5. hahah...i agree ..i dint know they were charging...all i had heard/seen on tv was that people were to sign up and then there would be a draw

    business minds are at work ...

    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. sad that ppl make tamasha out of a dead. But may be you can take this as an attempt to regularize the crowd that want to see their hero's funeral…a kind of law and order arrangement.

  7. Welcome to my blog Neha. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Welcome to my blog Numerounity. Thanks for your comments. Yes, we can take this as a form of crowd control. But people are selling their tickets in EBay. Sad.

  9. You know it's sad that this has become a sideshow where tickets to "the event" are for sale.

    I just read the following on TMZ.
    It's a list of the "participants" for tomorrow's service.

    The Jackson family just announced everyone who will participate in tomorrow's memorial -- and here's the list:

    Ron Boyd (family friend), Kobe Bryant, Mariah Carey, Andrae Crouch Choir, Berry Gordy, Jennifer Hudson, Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on Britain's Got Talent), Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Bernice A. King, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Pastor Lucious Smith (family friend), Usher and Stevie Wonder.

  10. Thanks for your comments The Cagey Bee. I am glad the Jackson family did not ask Rep. Peter King of New York to participate.

  11. hey! stumbled upon your blog!

    Its such a disgrace to the so called "civilized" society to glorify death as some extravagant event. Worse still that people who supposedly never associated with the MJ are now showing special interest in his death - coz they can just rake in some more money!. There were so many people who could have helped his sagging career, which might not have led him to depression and eventually his untimely death. But now, they never did that. All they see is money at every time. Sad bastards!

    So true, you put the right message. Give the legend his peace atleast now.


  12. Welcome to my blog rammmy. I second each and every word of yours. It is so sad.

  13. I just now read Rep Peter King's comments on MJ.

    Maybe the media has indeed gone overboard. But the person is dead. Is it so tough to show some respect for a dead man?

    Peter King has disgraced himself.
    Now he is one among the many who are raking in money out of MJ's death.

  14. What you wrote is very true Insignia.

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  16. I used to listen to MJ a lot in early 90's after my dad introduced me to the “Dangerous” album when my dad got a brand new 200W Philips Power House with surround sound. Cutting edge back then! I love the music King of Pop makes.

    Coming back to MJ, I must admit I really feel for the guy. I did not follow what happened to him after his death, but after reading your post I felt bad for the guy. I mean he was not normal (a relative word, unfortunately), but he was surely responsible for making many people happy. I don’t think he adversely affected anyone. I'm taking the liberty to share some of my happy memories here SG. Here goes.

    I have a younger brother and we fight a lot. Sometimes it ends up into a bloody brawl! Literally. We would immediately realise that we were bleeding and we would become the best friends the next second, with our minds completely working at the same wavelength, trying to make a theory to explain to our dad. “Karate classes dad!”, usually worked. Some other times when we do fight and just have some sprain or a muscle injury we would just decide not see each other for a few minutes. Sometimes when I play MJ on such occasions, the both of us without our knowledge become best friends again and though are not good dancers, increase the music, start jumping on the sofa, on the bed, and run around in the house. My mom, unshaken is always at peace no matter what. Scooby, a Great Dane (phew! one could imagine), however, would get up and want to check out the commotion. Scooby would get so excited that he would jump to keep his hands (I like to refer to his front legs as hands as I think it’s cute, but that is a different story) on our shoulders and my brother and I would have a few of inch long red scratches. We never really did mind that. Our dad would come back home from office and see us drenched in sweat. And Scooby gives him a warm welcome, just like any other day with his hands on the shoulder and a instant facial. But you wouldn’t want a welcome from Scooby when he is in the mood to play! Ya, we have a dozen of torn shirts in the wardrobe. But we don’t stop fighting, and we sure don’t stop dancing, er… jumping for MJ’s music! The best part is that Scooby loves it.

    May MJ’s soul rest in peace.