Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Favorite Annoying People

Everyday we come across people who annoy us. They rub us the wrong way. The moment we see them, we want to slap them. But we don’t do that. They may be anybody. Our relatives, friends, neighbors, bosses, coworkers, lawyers, doctors, or just plain strangers. Following is a list of my favorite annoying people.

People with annoying voices.


People who are so totally perfect that you would love to hate them, if only they weren't so nice to you all the time.

Fashion designers.

Mothers who let their children run around screaming in stores.

People who don't realize that it's rude to pick your nose in public.

People who answer rhetorical questions incorrectly.

Tall people who sit right in front of you in theatres.

People who arbitrarily turn nouns into verbs.

People with poor personal hygiene.

People who repeat themselves.

People who whistle tunelessly.

Unfunny people who really believe that they have wonderful senses of humor.

People who correct your grammar and pronunciation.

People who call you on the phone and greet them by saying "Hi, who's this?" as though they you called them.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox Network (He thinks he is the smartest person in the world and he thinks he is always right.)

Ross Perot, Billionaire (He says he has plans to solve America’s problems but will reveal that plan only if he is elected as President of USA.)

Rush Limbaugh (Hates democrats, Mexicans, blacks, Portaricans, Asians, and for that matter anyone who is a human being.)

Susan Sarandon, Actress (Her liberal propaganda is the most annoying.)

Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Reality Show Contestants (They will do anything to be in the spotlight and also to keep showing their faces on TV)

If you have any favorite annoying person, please share with us.


  1. My list is

    People who ring my house bell and wake me up when they actually are my neighbours visitors.Uhh...

    People making us wait for long as if they are demi Gods.

    People bragging about their children.
    those who are mean and deny others their rights.

  2. oh those guys who think they are damn cool and good at flirting..I hate such kinds..and girls who talk like kids - ewwwwww..the list is quite long; but these two top it :P

  3. You hate people with an annoying voice? But they can't help it, can they?
    My list is telemarketers, unsolicited advice givers and people with a know-it-all attitude.

  4. Thanks for your comments Chitra. You have an impressive list.

  5. Thanks for your comments Neha. People who talk like kids also annoy me.

  6. Thanks for your comments Jayashree. You are correct. It is not their fault if they are born with that voice. Similarly, tall people who sit in front of you in the theater...they also born that way. But still annoy me.

  7. haha G good one :) hehe how about mother in laws??or is it tabooed to mention so ???

  8. My list - current one
    1. Sania Mirza
    2. Shoaib Malik & his exes
    3. Shashi Tharoor (actually he's #1)
    4. Sunanda whoever-she-is.
    5. Lalit Modi

    & I am in agreement with your list too SG.

  9. 1. People with annoying voice??? Poor them. What could they do if they had such voice.

    2. Telemarketers - Isnt it their job? They might feel equally annoying to be facing rude people on the other side, but its their bread and butter Sir!!

    I get annoyed with people who think they are always right and think THEY ARE RIGHT IF THEY SHOUT.

  10. Thanks for your comments Sulagna. There is no taboo here. Go ahead. Mention mother-in-law. I am not the one who is going to face the consequences. ha ha ha.

  11. Thanks for your list lostworld. I wrote a post on Mr. Tharoor sometime back. Most of the readers supported him. I am glad you are on my side.

  12. Thanks for your comments Insignia. I agree with you that people who think they are always right annoy me. Same goes for people who shout to prove they are right.

    Telemarketers are doing their job and it is their bread and butter? If you don't pay the rent some landlords send thugs (goondas) to collect the rent. Aren't they (thugs) also doing their job?

  13. and how about the people YOU call to cancel something.. the mobile phone contract, the satellite channels or a insurance..

    I mean you they say 30 days notice to give, they shud take it thats it ...

    ANd the DO gooders.. who would take a case without any reason ...

    liked all your points ..

  14. The thugs are of course doing their job. Poor things they are!! I wont show my anger on them, but at the landlords. and its difficult...if you dont pay on time..landlords do have their right but not the wrong way.

    Are we going to talk ethics now? :-)

  15. People who drive erratically and then when you look at them you notice that they are talking on their cell phone while driving.

    People who speak in a LOUD voice when they are on their cell phone in public
    Hey lady…I don’t care to know the details of your great aunt’s toe surgery.

    People who consistently laugh at their own jokes.
    If it’s that funny then other people will laugh.

    People who constantly cut you off by interrupting you when you are in the middle of a sentence.

    Mr. KnowItAll and Mr. AdviceColumn
    Hey Cliff Clavin and Ann Landers, if I wanted your opinion or your thoughts I’d ask for it.

    The Contrarian
    The sky is blue. Contrarian says – no it’s not blue…its white. Too many clouds in the sky so the sky looks white.
    The sky looks white. Contrarian says – no, it’s always blue. Rain or shine the sky is always blue.
    Do you ever agree with anyone on anything?

    Mr. I Got A Better One
    Hey, I got a plane ticket from San Francisco to Chennai for only $300 – remarkable!
    So what, I got the same ticket for $75.

    Hey, I got admission to IIT.
    So what, I got admission to IIT, Oxford, and Harvard…and turned them all down to take a job at GOOGLE.

    As far as specific famous people go...
    Jay Z, Kanye West, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Whitney Houston, and of course people from FRANCE.

  16. Kathy Lee Gifford, Jay Leno, and Jamie Foxx annoy me to no end.

    Howard Stern

  17. Thanks for your comments Bikram. your list is very worthy.

  18. Thanks for your comments Insignia. Hey, Insignia, take it easy. This is just a tongue in cheek and trying to be humorous blog. We don't discuss serious issues like ethics. So, we are not going to be talking ethics.

  19. Thanks for your comments The Cagey Bee.

    You bought a ticket from San Francisco to Chennai for $300? I bought the same ticket for $75. That's a good one.

    Did Ann Landers give advice without anyone asking her? I did not know that.

  20. Thanks for your comments Howard. Do you still work for the Sirius XM Radio Station, Mr. Shock Jock?

    I agree with you on Kathy Lee Gifford. But Jay Leno? I think you are jealous.

  21. ha ha!that indeed is a good list...what about the know it alls, who try to overshadow while you when you try to discuss something...
    and the ones who pick on your pronounciation (not that you want to pronounce something incorrectly..its just that correction should come as a suggestion, not as if you look down on someone!!)
    Third and the most irritating..nagging aunties...who seem to wait for you to grow up, so that they can suggest some tom, d, ..harry!!!:(
    Well that's life :) maybe it's good to have annoying people...they make us feel that we fall in a better category ;)!!

  22. Mothers who allow their kids to misbehave top my list.

  23. Thanks for your comments A New Beginning. And, welcome to my blog. Your last sentence is excellent. These people will make us feel better.

    A New Beginning, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  24. Thanks for your comments Radha. You have an excellent. I will go one step further. They wont allow their children to misbehave in their own house.

  25. SG,

    I realize it is old post but I just read it today. You have to add the following in your list:-

    1. Co-workers who call meeting so that others can do their job.

    2. People who state obvious constantly in discussions e.g. God is great, Sunrise from east

    3. People who keep telling old blonde jokes in front of kids and family.