Sunday, June 20, 2010

Expensive "Stuff"

If you are extremely rich, money is no object. You can buy anything at any price. Don’t we all want to have a life like that! At least some of us want. Until that day comes to us, we can read this post and get ready. Here is a list:

Most Expensive Television:

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition by Stuart Hughes
Price: $2.3 million Made with 18 carat gold with 72 diamonds.

Most Expensive Hotel Room:

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva
Price: $65,000 per night. This suite has 18,083 square feet. 10 rooms and 7 bathrooms.

Most Expensive Cell Phone:

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes
Price: $2.97 million. It has 18-carat rose gold with hundreds of diamonds, including a single-cut, 7.1-carat diamond for the main navigation button.

Most Expensive Car:

1954-55 Mercedes-Benz W196
Price: $24 million. This car won a Grand Prix race in 1954 and 1955. (A friend of mine goes “ga ga” over used BMWs. This friend should go for this car.)

Most Expensive House:

Price: $1 billion. Owned by Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai. 27 floors. 6 floors for parking 168 cars. This house is maintained by 600 people. Some say this house costs $2 billion.

Most Expensive Yacht:

Price: £1.2 billion. 560 foot long. 2 helipads. 11 guest cabins. 2 swimming pools.

Enjoy Life. Be Happy.


  1. wooaaaa...if only i have money...

  2. I was quiet contented where I am with what I have, but now I want that BOAT! :)

    ~ NRIGirl

  3. look at that phone!!! my dear Lord...drop one on my lap pls

  4. At a time and age where love and peace are sparse, and money and luxury aplenty (what with billionaires increasing by the year), I say it's high time we go chasing love and peace instead!
    - St.RGB

  5. I would feel so uncomfortable in these kind of luxury and I don't wish to have such things .I want a simple and peaceful life.

    Nice to know these expensive things are also available.

  6. read all your posts cruise. have left a comment on the earlier post.

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  8. It is insane..that is all I can say. But indirectly they are helping society by providing employment to people who design and maintain such expensive equipment/ houses.

    As usual informative post.

    I have passed on your award SG.

  9. Thanks for your comments Rajlakshmi. Don't worry. You will have plenty of money.

  10. Thanks for your comments NRIGirl. You want to Yacht? You take it. It's yours to keep.

  11. Thanks for your commens RGB. And, welcome to my blog. You are right. It is high time we chase love and peace.

    RGB, please visit here as often as you can. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for your comments Chitra. Simple and peaceful life is much better.

  13. Chitra,

    Thanks for reading all my cruise posts. I read your comment and am going to reply now.

  14. Thanks for your comments A. It is insane alright. But as you said it provides employment opportunities to lot of people.

    I am glad you passed on the award. I will visit your blog and find out to whom you passed it on.

  15. Thanks for your comments Sulagna. You want that phone? You take it. It's yours to keep.

  16. Mind-boggling..everythings in millions! :) Damn, I always thought I was rich. Now my eyes have been opened :-D

  17. Thanks for your comments lostworld. Yes, you are rich. Don't worry. You will become super rich one of these days.