Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Need More Apps

Apple’s IPhone has more than 220,000 apps and Google’s Android has 60,000 apps. But did they cover everything? No way. They missed out a lot. Here are some of them collected from Twitter and Yahoo. And, some of them are my originals. I demand:

An app that puts my children to bed every night.

An app that gives my wife the “right answer”.

An app that teleports me to a spot with a good cell signal.

A “to do” list program that would remind me of things to do when I am in the right place to do them. For example, pick up medicine when I am near a pharmacy.

An app that converts a Web site containing Flash video on the fly to HTML5, or whatever format Apple will allow.

An on-screen pop up that would remind me that I am holding my IPhone 4 in the wrong way. (This app should be personally written by Steve Jobs.)

An app to put a little smile on my face.

An app containing 100 stupid quotes from politicians.

An app to tell me what to cook today.

An app to tell me what to wear today.

An app that tells me the correct parking rules for the spot where I’m currently standing.

An app, which uses public friends lists across multiple social sites to determine how I may be tied to someone I just met.

Mall/Department store GPS. Say goodbye to mall directory maps.

An app that tells me what there isn’t an app for.

If you know an app is ought to be there (but is not), then please tell me. I will write to Steve Jobs.


  1. NOW that's such an ungrateful app-user..lolzz...funny :D

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  2. Thanks for your comments Catgirl. And, welcome to my blog. I am glad you found this post funny.

    Catgirl, I like your straight forwardness in asking me to visit your blog. I will certainly visit your blog and read your posts and comment.

    Catgirl, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  3. SG! All is fine, but I wonder why you are interested in 100 stupid quotes by the politicians. Aren't we getting enough of that already...?

    ~ NRIGirl

  4. oh yes...sure will..there's one way however to keep saying HI..n that is "following:...what say??

  5. wow all comments admirable...

    I think except that politicians quotes, I really would like to have all the rest of app in my iphone. Thanks a lot SG..

    What I would like to have additionally on my iphone is an app which will tell me whether my wife guessed I had two pegs or not.

    Most of the time I have hard time fooling her to realize in the end that I failed miserably. If I know she guessed in advance then I need not try to fool her...

    Pls recommend this SG and I am sure most of my friends would ditch Nokia then.. :)

  6. Thanks for your comments NRIGirl. 100 stupid quotes from politicians are for the entertainment value.

    For example, don't we get a kick out of President Bush's quote: "They misunderestimated me".

  7. Thanks for your comments Catgirl. First, I would like to add your blog in my "I Love to Read" list.

  8. Thanks for your comments Stranger. You really have a problem in your hand. I will certainly write to Steve.

    By the way, you did not mention what you drink. A friend of mine drinks vodka and gin from a white styrofoam cup. His wife thinks he is stipping water.

  9. hi SG...The iphone still has loads more apps then android!!!

    Just to know you have a thermometer to check your temperature not the weather outside....

  10. Thanks for your comments Aparna. I did not understand your comment. Are you suggesting we should ask for an app to check our temperature.

    If not, I don't need a thermometer to check my temperatue. I know I am hot. ha ha ha.

  11. application for everything, Steve Jobs will certainly resign then!!

  12. Thanks for your comments Nazish. Steve does not have to resign. All he has to do is to write an app telling us how to hold a IPhone in the righ way. When there was an antenna problem, he is the one who told us tha we are holding the phone in the wrong way.

  13. Gosh with all these demands would be quite an app :)

  14. Applications to remind us everything.Good Lord what will happen to our brains?

  15. Thanks for your comments Sana. It would be quite interesting.

  16. Thanks for your comments Chitra. Computers are taking away our thinking power.

  17. An appln to tell you which ones are missing .. LoL :-) I like that!

  18. Thanks for your commens lostworld. I am glad you like this particular application.

  19. SG..

    What about Whisky poured into beer cans...

    She counts the cans

  20. Thanks for your comments Stranger. That is a good idea.

  21. An APP that can do all the following for SG:-

    1. Provide right answer to his wife first.
    2. Put his children to bed
    3. Writes blog for him
    4. Replies comments on his blog



    It is called ... ( I will let you fill int the blank)

  22. Thanks for your comments A. And, welcome back. I tried to fill in the blank but I am not successful.

  23. Thanks for your commens Kiran. And, welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked this post.

    Kiran, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.

  24. SG, if you start to have app for all those things that you have listed, I guess then you lose the charm of life. Life tends to get too controlled and dependent on this gadgets (we already are hooked on to these). But one thing to admit, neenga room pottu yosicha maadhiri irukku ;)

  25. Thanks for your commens Anu. And, welcome to my blog. Room pottu yojikalla. Sila samayam karpanai kudhirai vegama odum. avalavuthan.

    Anu, please visit here as often as possible. Thanks.