Monday, July 23, 2012

Muttom Beach

During our last trip to India, we visited Muttom Beach. This beach is located between Kanyakumari and Nagarcoil. I wrote the following comments in one of Neha’s posts:

"We have been to many beaches all over the world and had a great time (Santa Cruz California, Miami Florida, Marina Beach in Chennai, Lankavi and Penang in Malaysia, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Venice Italy). Enjoyed all of them. The best so far? During our last trip to India, we visited Muttom Beach in Tamilnadu. Virgin Beach. No publicity yet. No crowd. Were there alone. Had a great time."

Beautiful landscape and high rocks slope downwards into the sea.
Everyone says sunset is beautiful in Kanyakumari. Sunset watching is more beautiful in Muttom. Kanyakumari is crowded. In Muttom you can watch the sunset alone and leisurely.

Century old Light House

Enjoy the sunset

Leisurely relax in these benches

The rocks

Serene beach

Beautiful sand

The entire Tamil movie, Kadalora Kavidhaigal, was shot here.

One word of caution. Please avoid climbing on the rocks. They are slippery.


  1. Looks to be good...esp the hut like houses looks quite exotic. Adding this beach in to my list of travels.

  2. Life's a Beach!

    I recently saw a ranking of the world's 21 sexiest beaches and Waikiki was 3rd and Miami's South Beach was 2nd.

    I'm not saying Muttom is sexy (although it does look nice)...but I'm wondering how YOU would compare Waikiki to this place?

    Aloha and Mahalo!

  3. Thanks for your comments Ekta. I am glad you added this in your travel lists. There are no hotels in Muttom. Either you have to stay in Kanyakumari or Nagarcoil.

  4. Thanks for your comments Cousin Cagey Bee. Compare Waikiki to Muttom? Sure:

    In Waikiki, we were in the beach with milion others. Too crowded. In Muttom, we had the beach to ourselves, just like a private beach. It cost us $250 a night to stay in the ocean facing room in a Waikiki Hotel. For $250, I can buy the beach front property in Muttom.

  5. Thanks for introducing this place, SG. We will plan a visit here! Nice pictures, esp. the two huge rocks one upon the other!

  6. Thanks for your comments Sandhya. Please do visit. You will enjoy.

  7. lovely pictures...looks like must visit :-)

  8. Thanks for your comments Priyaa. When you visit there, you will enjoy.

  9. Muttom beach,never heard of the name.

    We simple rush to Kanyakumari, suffer the crowds and rush back. I used to wonder, the sea is all along the coast and there could be number of unknown beaches, unspoiled by tourist.

    I have heard that there are a number of nice places near Nagarkoil too.(Jeyamohan effect).
    Now I read about Muttom, I have added to the bucket list.


  10. This really looks like a beach that I'd like to visit. I am compiling a list of places to visit in kanyakumari and this certainly fits it.