Sunday, July 8, 2012

Submarine Ride

The whole of last year, I took a kind of sabbatical leave from blogs. I published only 2 posts in 2011. Lots of stuff I wanted to write was left behind. I am just catching up.

Last November, we went to Honolulu to attend a Tamil wedding. That in itself is a different hilarious story. In Honolulu, there are these usual attractions like Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor Memorial, Battleship USS Missouri, and Polynesian Cultural Center. I will write a post on these soon.

In addition to the above “must see”, we wanted to go on a submarine ride. We thought it will be an opportunity of a life time for us. This submarine has a seating capacity of 48 passengers. We went on a 45 minutes ride and enjoyed every minute of it. We felt comfortable and safe throughout the ride. A different experience.

This is the ferry that took us to the submarine

View of Honolulu from the ocean

Submarine surfaces

Passengers waiting on the deck

Looking out in the ocean 100 feet under water

Almost touching the ground


Sunken plane

Sunken ship


  1. must be an amazing experience.would love to do some time..its like everyone cant dive but can still experience that thrill..

  2. Thanks for your comments Renu. As you said it is an amazing experience.

  3. Ooh....that looks great fun...I have always wanted to go in a submarine....a yellow submarine.....

  4. Thanks for your complements Aparna. Now I know you are a fan of The Beatles. Me too.

    "So we sailed on to the sun,
    Till we found the sea green,
    And we lived beneath the waves,
    In our yellow submarine"

  5. gives the feeling of a treasure hunter ?? haina ?

  6. Thanks for your comments Sulagna. You are correct.

  7. Hawaii is a dream destination. How I wish I got married there..actually no, scratch that.. I'd much rather attend or just vacation there, muchhh more fun!! :-) very nice photos.

  8. Thanks for your comments Rohitha. Hawaii is a wonderful place for vacation, relax and enjoy. But planning a Tamil wedding there is just pain.

  9. thrilling experience
    nice pics

  10. Thanks for your comments sm. Yes, it was very thrilling.

  11. This comes in one of my fantasy..i wish i too can try it one day :)

  12. Thanks for your comments Noopur. And, welcome to my blog. I am sure your fantasy will become reality very soon.

    Noopur, please visit my blog as often as you can. Thanks.

  13. Zindagi na milegi dobara had added a few things to my wishlist....this post added one more......ghosh...when will this come true???????

  14. Thanks for your comments Priyaa. And, welcome to my blog. I am sure this will come true very very soon.

    Priyaa, please visit my blog as often as you can. Thanks.

  15. Nice to see these pics of/from a working submarine. Thanks for sharing the link - I don't remember reading this post then.

    Destination Infinity