Thursday, July 17, 2014

So Sad

You all by now know about the Malaysia Airlines (it is not MalaysiaN) Flight 17 (Boeing 777) was shot down over Russian-Ukrainian Border.  Both sides are blaming each other.  But the real tragedy is 298 innocent lives are lost, for no fault of their own.
May they rest in peace and may God grant their families and friends the strength to bear this irreparable loss.
One of the passengers on that plane, Cor Pan, posted a picture of that “ill fated” plane in Facebook, before boarding.  He wrote:
"If it should disappear, this is what it looks like."
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 is seen at the G3 gate of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, before it took off, heading to Kuala Lumpur.
He wanted to joke about another Malaysia Airlines flight that mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March.
The poor guy did not know a few hours later his flight too would disappear.
My heart goes out for this guy and his family and all the 298 innocent passengers.


  1. shit...that poor man never knew what was awaiting him. Where is the world headed to.

  2. Fight on flights also becoming common now a days.Poor bereaved ones. And that poor guy would have never thought it would become a prognostic.RIP.

  3. Very sad... As you rightly said, it is about lives 298 innocent people belonging to 298 families, whatever is the reason. It should have not happened...

  4. IT shook me when i read the first thing in the morning. Sad for the lives and those folks associated with them.

    IT angers me after every accident, whem the affected government irrespective of the country or race issues a statement "we will investigate and book the culprits".
    MH370 is still clueless and now MH 17.

  5. Really sad indeed and to have series of tragedies in a span of 4 months.
    Did the guy who posted picture on FB had any foreboding?God knows.

  6. Commercial flights have become more dangerous than military planes. Words will not heal the pain and loss, but with time things will move on as they should...Sad reminder that time and tide wait for none...

  7. Initially, I thought this incident was actually the answer to the previous riddle on how the plane disappeared. But it looks like these two incidents are different. Wonder why Malaysian Airlines is being targeted like this.

    Destination Infinity

  8. Feeling really sad for all the lives lost :(

  9. Thank you all for your comments and condolences.

    Looks like July 17 is a bad day for commercial aviation. There have been 5 major air disasters have happened in the past on July 17.

    1948 Cathay Pacific Subsidiary – 26 people
    1996 TWA Flight 800 – 747 – 230 people
    2000 Alliance Air – 737 – 60 people (Patna, India)
    2007 TAM Airlines – Airbus A320 – 187 people
    2014 Malaysia Airlines – Boeing 777 – 298 people

  10. The World is going insane..I wonder where the hell are we leading ? what is so damn wrong with people

  11. Lives of innocent people for no fault of theirs. The root cause of all these violence is one group thinking they are bigger than the other. Israel v/s Palestine, the ISIS taking over Iraq and Syria, the assault in North Waziristan, the Japanese and Chinese fight over Pacific waters....what else is left ?

  12. People will have second thoughts to use Malaysian airlines now. Feel very sad for the innocent people who are no more without any fault of theirs.

  13. jsut goes to prove we cant trust life.. it can go anytime .

    BUT so sad that so many innocent people died because of some political agenda .. I do hope the guilty ae punished and made a example of but then again to get to these guilty i hope no innocent is harmed ..


  14. If one believes that it was shot down,then politics and religion is going on a wrong track

  15. Gosh! His words did come true!! :(

  16. I is so sad.
    I am.muslim...nd we belive to say good, that is muh se ache lafz nikalu pata nahi kab Allah qubul karrahe ho. ( take out only good words from your you never know when God is answering our prayers)

    Anyways...I too feel extremely sad about family travels a lot and it just gives

    1. It just gives me jitters. For MH as well as myself.

  17. so sad ... poor guy would have never thought it ...