Friday, May 27, 2022

Trade in Crypto Currency

I want to introduce today to you all a friend of mine, Li Mei. She was born in Singapore. Graduated from a prestigious university in that country. Li Mei lives in New York. She has been trading in crypto currency for many years. 

Li Mei wants to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to learn from her. 

Please contact me if you or any of your friends/relatives interested in trading in crypto currency. This is not for buying a crypto currency and leave it there. Her expertise is to trade in crypto currency on a frequent basis (ala options trading).

Li Mei has been teaching me this trading for a while now.  She is a very good Guru and also very patient.


  1. That is very sweet of her to help you learn and share her knowledge Good Luck to her

    1. Thanks for your comments Dee. I hope you tell your family and friends ,if any one is interested.

  2. Li Mei's thought of "sharing the knowledge" itself is highly appreciable God bless in all her endeavours. I will try to introduce some of my friends, who are interested in crypto currency, to Li through you

  3. Good news. Anyway I'll talk to my son about it.