Saturday, December 26, 2009

Avatar 3D Movie

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we went to see Avatar 3D movie. This is an awesome movie.

Here is the plot. Jake Scully (Sam Worthington) is a paralyzed Marine. He was recruited for a top secret program to infiltrate an alien planet. This would give him a chance to walk again. This alien planet is called Pandora. The population is known as Navi. With some sophisticated lab work, he gets a Navi body. He can control his body through his mind. After several months of living with the Navi, Scully’s sympathies begin to shift after he falls in love with a beautiful Navi warrior girl (Zoe Saldana). My grading: C for the story.

Sam Worthington came out better than this role in Terminator: Salvation. Zoe saldana fares a lot better as a Navi.

Avatar is a solid exciting science fiction adventure. The sound is almost as amazing as the visual effects. They used the state-of-the-art 3D filmmaking techniques to create a visually stunning alien world.

AVATAR is one of the best movie experiences I have ever had.

This is a must-see film in the theater in order to fully enjoy the 3D visual effects accompanied by the incredible surround sound. After coming out of the theater we did not feel like we went to a movie. We felt like we spent more than 2 hours in the planet Pandora.

This is the 3D glass I wore in the theater. They let us take home these as souvenirs.


  1. Thanks much SG for the review. I am waiting to watch it...letting the frenzy to die down.:-)

  2. Thanks for the good review ! Hope you enjoyed the christmas with JC's work!

  3. Thanks for your comments Insignia. I heard they have raised the ticket prices in India. Once the frenzy dies down, please go and watch it. You will love it.

  4. Thanks for your comments Praseela. We enjoyed the movie very much.

  5. Wait a minute.
    This movie is not about Avatar: The Last Airbender?
    This story is about blue people on the planet Pandora?

    Well, ok, I guess I'll still go see the movie since everyone is hyping up the visuals.
    This Avatar movie may have better visuals...but my storyline will be better.

    The bald kid with the arrow painted on his head.

  6. Hey Baldy,

    Thanks for your comments. I know you. You are the bald headed kid who, along with your friends, is going to save the world by defeating the evil Fire Lord. All kids love this animated children’s television series. You think your storyline is better? You better ask your producers to make it in 3D.

  7. I've heard so many people say good reviews about this movie...Maybe shud go see it soon :-)

  8. Thanks for your comments Titaxy. Pls let me know what you think after seeing this movie.

  9. Wishing you and your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR .Thanks for your wishes.I am on a break from blogger till mid JAN.....many guests at home and a trip to mom's house(Delhi).

    I really want to see Avatar ...may be at Delhi !

  10. hey SG, I saw the movie and quite liked the effects..almost three hours of them; still pretty cool..but I wish the story was equally good too..all in all a good one :)

  11. Avatar is outstanding! Your review is outstanding!

    Best wishes.:)

  12. nice review... this is the second week and i still havn't got the tickets... the booking counters close as soon as they open... everyone wants to watch it... just hope i am lucky enough to get it the next week ....

  13. Am planning on watching it. There are mixed reviews about it but a movie like that has to be seen on the big screen. Nice post:)

  14. Thanks for your comments Neha. 3D effects are the best. As you said, the story is just the usual masala.

  15. Thanks for your complements Chandrika. And, welcome to my blog.

    Chandrika, please visit here as often as you can. Thanks.

  16. Happy New Year Kavita. Looking forward to your return after the break. Enjoy the holidays.

  17. Thanks for your comments Rajlakshmi. Hope you are able to watch this movie soon.

  18. Thanks for your comments Panorama. And, welcome to my blog. Hope you watch this movie soon. And, let us know what you think.

    Panorama, please visit here as often as you can. Thanks.

  19. Thanks for the review. Happy new year to you too!

  20. Thanks for your comments Gautam. And, welcome back. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Gautam, please visit here as often as you can. Thanks.

  21. Now-a days everwhere Avatar and 3 Idiots are being talked and I can see none:(

  22. Thanks for your comments Renu. May be those 3 idiots are hiding from you.

  23. Nice review :)
    Haven't watched it yet..Waiting to watch it in cinema..

  24. Good review. I agree mostly! :-)

    3D experience was fabulous to say the least. I have a picture of myself with the 3D glasses.. and I look blind !!!

    Also after we returned the glasses, at the exit, we were stopped since the guards suspected we hadn't return it. Duh! Quite silly we felt :-D

  25. I am here you wish you a Very happy New year SG,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I read the review. The glasses remind me of the old movie,the first 3 D movie of India "My dear Kuttichathan" which was a great hit in the 70's.

  26. Thanks for your comments Vani. And, welcome to my blog.

    Vani, please visit here as often as you can.

  27. Thanks for your comments lostworld. I am glad you liked that movie.

    You have to return the glasses? Rediculous. They charge you so much and therefore why not the customers keep the glass. It is a cheap way to make money. But no such thing here in USA. We can take the glasses home. Every one gets a brand new glass in a sealed wrapper.

    Also, in India, it is a hygiene issue. They take the glasses from the people who have seen it and give the same glasses to the new people who have come to see the movie without cleaning them?

  28. Thanks for your comments Chitra. And, welcome to my blog. Thanks for the nice info about India's first 3D movie. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Chitra, please visit here as often as you can. Thanks.

  29. Precisely! Some theatres were charging 5 times the usual cost!! I didn't get charged extra for the glasses but really, as if we would want to 'steal' them! You're right about the hygiene aspect too. Bad really, but that's India!

    The place I watched, they didn't have an intermission & so forced everyone to buy popcorn & coke before entering! The glasses weren't provided otherwise. Sheer idiocy!! I tell you, Avatar made crazy business in India thanks to gimmicks such as these :-p

  30. Thanks for your comments lostworld. I understand what you are saying.

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