Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fair Play

Last Saturday, December 5, there was a soccer match in Italy. It was an Italian Second Division match, Ascoli vs Reggina. Reggina's Carlos Valdez pulled a muscle and attempted to kick the ball out of play so he could receive treatment. Apparently, it is a time honored tradition that the opposite team will let the ball go out of play in that situation. However, in this match, a player from Ascoli intercepted the ball and passed it to another player in his team who scored a goal.

Immediately, there were protests and fights between the players. Once order was restored and the match resumed, the Ascoli players stood still and allowed Reggina to score an uncontested goal in order to be "fair". After the match, the Ascoli Manager said that the decision to allow Reggina to score an uncontested goal was a unanimous collective decision by the players. After the match, they had to hide in the changing room for more than 2 hours to avoid facing the protest from Ascoli fans.

Now Italian soccer officials have started an investigation whether Reggina's free goal constitutes a fair play or breach of soccer rules. They are also investigating whether the original goal by Ascoli is legal or not because the referee should have stopped Ascoli from scoring that goal.

A gesture of kindness has become a controversy.

Ascoli's good gesture did not bring them any luck. Reggina won the match 3 to 1.


  1. When a child is playing sports, you learn about sportsmanship, teamwork and how to play the game fair, and not to “run up” the score.
    Basically, the honorable aspects of the game.

    When you are an adult all of that goes out the door. Winning isn’t everything – it’s the ONLY thing.
    If it wasn’t about winning and losing – then why the hell do people keep score?
    The point of the game is to win. You know the rules, they know the rules.
    I’m not talking about the gentleman rules, I mean the rules of the game.

    I’m not saying play dirty or cheat but within the established rules of the game if you have the opportunity to score – take it and don’t look back.
    Some guy pulled a muscle – that’s his problem. Capitalize on his mistake.
    Referee didn’t stop the play – that’s somebody else’s problem.
    Play until the whistle is blown, don’t stand around and wait for a whistle.

    These are MEN not babies. Adults not children.
    OK, let’s all stop playing because Carlos “Exxon” Valdez has a boo boo on his leg.
    Give me a forking break. No gesture needed. Score the goal, celebrate, and if the other team is good enough they will overcome the mistake.
    Don’t give the other team a freebie because one of their player’s became the weak link.

    Just my $.02

  2. Wait a minute, I’m confused. Some guy pulled a muscle and another guy scored?
    I don’t understand. Whenever I “score” it’s the ladies that “pull my muscle”.

    Tiger Woods

    I had it all, and now I’m knee deep in the biggest scandal of my career.
    This scandal makes me look like the DIRTY BUTTHOLE that I am.

  3. Thanks for your comments Madras Mafia. Looks like you are coming from a place where soccer is not well known.

  4. Thanks for your comments Tiger. If you can afford to give Elin $80 million dollars (signing bonus)to continue to be your wife for another 2 years, you can get your muscle pulled any number of times.

    Just one caution. Beware of STD.

  5. Trust the media to stir up a controversy out of anything and everything!!!! :-)

    P.S - I liked "Tiger Woods`" comment !!

  6. Thanks for your comments lostworld. Yes, the media stir up everythiing.

    I have a question. You said you liked "Tiger Woods" comments. Did you like his comments or my reply to him or both?

  7. I am quite confused..first one person does the wroong thing, then second team also does it the wrongs make a right?

  8. weird rules...n they call it a "fair" play...sigh!

  9. Hmmm....interesting. Such things seem to be common off late

  10. sadly any sign of true sportsmanship is eyed with suspicion these day...

  11. Thanks for your comments MindfulMeanderer. Your comment made both the writer of that comment and me happy.

  12. Thanks for your comments Antarman. The team which did the wrong in the first place stood still and let the opponent score a goal to correct their mistake.

    You are right. It is like if I cut your finger and realize it was a mistake, then I will let you cut my finger in order to correct it.

  13. Thanks for your comments Neha. Soccer is a game. But each country has its own rules. Take cricket for example. An over has 6 balls. But there used to be an Australian over had 8 balls. I do not know if it is still the case or they have changed.

  14. Thanks for your comments Insignia. As you have rightly observed these things have become common, instead of exception.

  15. Thanks for your comments lostworld. Your comment made both "Tiger" and me happy.

  16. Thanks for your comments Rajlakshmi. You are absolutely right.

  17. Just wondering what referee was doing! No sportsman spirit....happens all the time!
    Liked the post even though I've never watched a soccer match :)

  18. Welcome back Varsha. Thanks for your comments. I am glad you liked the post.

  19. Interesting thoughts about this post. I liked the part where you stated, 'A gesture of kindness has become a controversy.' It happens in all fields of life, I guess.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your question inspired me to write a post. Hope to see you often there.