Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit to Universal Studios

The next day, Friday, November 27, we went to Universal Studios. Any one who goes to Universal Studios will have a wonderful time. At the same time, they will be amazed at the technical marvel in film making.

We took the Universal Studio tour. They took us on an open air trolley and toured the whole studio with a live guide giving commentary. Some of the memorable things we saw were:

Wreckage from Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds.
Cars used in many movies.
The famous Bates Motel (Psycho) and a guy posing as Norman.
Parting of the Red Sea
How floods are created for the movies.
Plane wreckage.
And, many more.

Then there are several other attractions available. They are:

Special Effects Stage – How special effects are created in movies.
Revenge of the Mummy – Ride
Jurassic Park – Ride
Terminator 2 – a 3D show
Shrek – a 4D show
House of Horrors – Walk through seeing horror movie characters
And, many more.

Because of the bad economic situation, if we buy a one day ticket, the studio is offering free admission for the second day (valid upto one year). Therefore, after the studio tour, we decided to see only Shrek and House of Horrors. I am sure we will be in Southern California many times within a year and we can see other attractions on our next visit.

Shrek is a 4D adventure which is exciting. It is a short film where the spirit of Lord Farquaad returns from the dead to kidnap Princess Fiona. Shrek and the donkey come to the rescue. It is 3D plus an extra dimension. This extra dimension is the “physical effects” experienced by the audience in the theater. For example, when the donkey spits, they spray a mist in our face. When another character is going very fast on a horse, the whole seat is shaking as if we are on that horse. The seats are made that way. When tarantulas fall down on the floor, we feel something is crawling on our foot.

Enjoyed it very much. Will go back again.

Before the start of the show they advised it is not suitable for pregnant women. Half of the Indian origin audience left immediately.

Then we visited the House of Horrors. We came face to face with Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Chucky, and many more characters from the horror movies. The advertisement for House of Horrors says: Get ready to scream your head off at House of Horrors. Your worst nightmares will come true as you make your way through the dark and windy terror maze. Now I understand why Insignia says “horror movies seem funny to her”.

Here are some pictures:

Entrance to Universal Studios

Car used in the movie "Back to the Future"



Rome, Italy, inside the Studio

The Bates Mansion in the Hitchcock Movie, Psycho

Airplane Wreckage

Highway 5 on the way back home. Traffic was not that bad.


  1. Thanks for the post SG. I could relive my visits.

    I have been to Universal Studios twice. Each time I must say I wanted more.

    I love the Jurassic Park rid among the rides. My all time favorite is The Shrek. Just cant get enough of it.

    Otherwise I love the earthquake simulation, Mexican flood, the airplane wreckage, Desperate house wives set and the King Kong.

    I never visited House of Horrors. The only time I went to a horror house was in New York city Madame Tussad's and I couldnt stop laughing. It was really funny!!

    And finally the I-5 is really scenic.

  2. Before the start of the show they advised it is not suitable for pregnant women. Half of the Indian origin audience left immediately...lol:)

    Thanks for sharing it, as I havent seen it....I can visualise it..in India Ramoji city also has a european street and many other structures like that for shooting.

  3. Thanks for your comments Insignia. I am glad you liked Universal Studios too much to go back again after your first visit. I am also happy that you were able to see Shrek 4D. Happy to know that you did not leave after they made that particular announcement.

  4. Thanks for your comments Antarman. I am glad that India is catching upto Hollywood.

  5. i would love to see SHREK 4 ...i remember one such show at Universal based on Honey I Shrunk The Kid where the running mice gives you the tickling feel on the feet.Terminator too,i am not sure but in this one a very irritating lady with a funny accent anchors the show ,where afyer every line she would say OKEY DOKEY.

    SG...I completely enjoyed this post.Thanks.

  6. Oh I forgot to ask?
    Is Ms Kimberly Duncan still hosting the pre-show of Terminator?

    Both the times; she was in red costume; and she frequently says "Suppppper!"

  7. SG,

    I am not like most Indians who leave their motherland to settle down abroad. And its cheap in a way to see Indians planning to expand their family in a bid to make their children natural born American citizens...each one is an FOB when they step foot into that country isnt it? Later they get their green cards and become Americans!!

    And I would never visit that country when I am pregnant; because I would want my kid to be an Indian; not American. I am glad that my husband shares the same opinion as me on this.

  8. Thanks for your comments Kavita. I also enjoyed "Honey I Shrunk The Kid".

  9. Insignia,

    I did not see Terminator this time. I am told Mark Kriski is the host of the pre-show of terminator.

  10. Insignia,

    That remark of mine was made in a jovial manner. I am sorry if it hurts you. In your posts you had written your company sent you on a project. Sometimes companies can be cruel in sending women in their first trimester. I am happy you and your husband share the same view.

  11. that was a very well described post SG..and you made it an even more interesting read with your vivid description..

    I wonder - when indians go abroad do they change so much? when you say:

    "Before the start of the show they advised it is not suitable for pregnant women. Half of the Indian origin audience left immediately."

    while indians usually prefer to hide such things..ah, the foreign country changes so much in them!

  12. Thanks for your comments Neha. As Insignia said, many FOBs behave very badly. (I am not a FOB. I have lived here for ever.) But in this particular incident, Indian origin people were careful. The announcer said this show is not suitable for pregnant women. All pregnant women, including Indian origin women, therefore left the theater. Nothing wrong with that. Don't you agree Neha?

  13. Hi SG,

    My organization had its culture and value in place. I dont know of a case when they sent a pregnant women alone on site. Anyways the person in question could always say NO.

    I was sent alone because I agreed to go alone. Later yeah I faced issues; but it taught me independence.

  14. Thanks for your comments Insignia. I am glad Indian comapnies have culture and value in place.

  15. And yes American companies also do have culture and value in place!!!

  16. No Insignia. It is not surprising for an American company. They have culture and value more than any other country in the world. Otherwise, why there is such a big crowd in front of
    American Consulate as opposed to a
    Russian or Chinese Consulate. I am glad you work for an American Company. You are lucky. Look at all those Indian companies. They have a lot of child labor and that is what bothering me. Even the FOBs who run restaurants in USA have their children "bus tables" after 9 PM in the night. Disgusting.

  17. It sounds like fun every single time I hear about it! Your pictures were simply mindblowing. Especially the fire, floods etc. Shrek 4 D caught my attention too!!

    "Before the start of the show they advised it is not suitable for pregnant women. Half of the Indian origin audience left immediately..." ;-)

    Oh & I did watch your Dinnyland videos. Too cute !!! I felt like dancing seriously ;-)

  18. Seems like a nice place to visit. We have the Ramoji film city close by in Hyderabad, but I have never been there except for a wedding ( they have a hall and other facilities for this) and the visitors thought the 'baarat' ( wedding was a north-south indian one) was a film shooting and many stayed back to watch!! That was funny.

  19. Thanks for your comments lostworld. If you visit there I am sure you will love it.

  20. Thanks for your comments Radha. Indian studios are also becoming technically advanced.

  21. WOW!Lovely description..loved the photos too! Lucky you! I heard from my friends about Disney Land, this seems even more interesting.
    Looks like we should plan a trip to Universal studios in near future :)Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks for your comments Varsha. Please visit Universal Studios and Disneyland soon. I think you will like both. Let me know when you are visiting. We will be your host and tour guide.

  23. I'd love to show my son the Shrek 4D adventure coz it sounds really exciting. The extra dimension effects will thrill him as he's a total movie freak.

    Thanks for the informative post and the pics.

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  25. hehehe.. I searched for this post after you mentioned. "Half of the Indian origin audience left immediately.". Really sad. :)